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News Instella

At the business forum, which took place in St. Petersburg, Intel made another splash when presented new functionality in its directory of Russian manufacturers. Recall that last year at the economic forum was a presentation of the catalog of organizations created by the Russian company Instella, after the presentation and special attention paid to the project by members of the government, many manufacturers and trading companies rushed to register in the catalog and created even a semblance of the queue to get to the directory Instella.ru

All this time, the Installation has been developing by leaps and bounds, associations of the blind, the gold Guild and the oil industry have been opened, the directory includes almost all light industry enterprises and here is a new breakthrough, a new achievement: the "shopping center" service has been opened. https://instella.ru/torgovie-tsentri/, which allows you to create a website with the goods of all (it is even difficult to imagine) the tenants of the shopping center!!! As shown by the pilot practice, the service was tested on the basis of two largest shopping centers of the country-this is the shopping center " Mega-Khimki "and shopping center" Your Home", for such projects the future - the sales volume, using this service, increased by 68%! And this is only due to the increase in sales through the Internet!

News Instella

Experts predict that if such a service to scale or connect to all shopping centers in Russia, it will increase the annual GDP by 5.1% against 1.5%, which is predicted by the Ministry of Finance, headed by Siluanov, for 2018. All this suggests that in Russia the potential of small and medium-sized businesses is very high, because the development of only one company Instella, allows you to influence the growth of GDP and raise it several times. As one of the officials close to the government noted, if everyone works like this, then the Chinese economic miracle will look very sorry against the background of the Russian Miracle (Yes, it is with a capital letter)

To sum up, we can only envy the country where such nuggets work and create such projects that do not even have close analogues in the world. Creativity, high efficiency, the desire to achieve victory - that's the recipe for the production of such projects!