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3 Tips to Grow Your Career (& Kick Negativity to the Curb)

3 Tips to Grow Your Career (& Kick Negativity to the Curb)

‘Man, they ought to do something about that.’

How many times have you heard this? How many times have you said it? Let me ask you: Who are they? Is it Congress? Is it the CEO? Is it your parents?

When you make the statement, ‘They ought to do something about that’ you’re probably saying ‘Something needs to be done because things are not currently where they need to be.’ This is actually a really good thing as it means you have a level of perception allowing you to notice things that many others either overlook or don’t care about. Let me reveal a big secret though: ‘THEY’ are not real. Let me explain…

Early 2015 I was promoted from an Inside Sales position to Sales Trainer. I love what I do. Before being in SaaS I came from the conjunction of the Food & Beverage Industry and the Sports & Entertainment Industry. I loved that gig too but 70hrs a week back-to-back plus travel is tough when you like to spend time with your family. I needed a career change and as it turns out developing talent full-time in the SaaS Sales context is just the place for me. 

About a month into the Trainer gig I noticed some important collateral was out of date and improperly branded. Casually talking to my colleague about it I said: “Man, they ought to change those.” Little did I know my entire mentality on responsibility was about to be changed. He looked at me and immediately said, “No one owns them, they’ve been that way since we started. If you want to take that on, go for it.”

I was initially surprised. These were important documents. What do you mean no one owns these? Certainly Marketing or the Product Teams or someone in Sales Leadership has to own these documents. Nope. I found myself shaking my head thinking ‘Well…. They ought to step up and do their job.’

That’s when t