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5 Ways to Improve Your Customer Service Without Chatbots

Companies embrace chat functions to reduce dependency on humans. Person-to-person chat conversations as we know them will become obsolete. Within a decade, chatbots will become capable enough to replace the everyday dude at a customer support desk and will provide with more efficient, personalized responses.

5 Ways to Improve Your Customer Service Without Chatbots

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

NLP capability helps automated bots understand human messages more easily by mobile app and lets customer service agents and bots work within the same customer conversation.

A business messaging platform evaluates which customer messages can a bot answer. Otherwise, the message is passed over to a human agent in the same chat interface.

Build on existing data

Build chatbot app on the stream of customer data as artificial intelligence systems and chatbots they power are only as smart as the data they are built upon. Such chatbots tend to have more advanced conversation abilities than chatbots built from scratch.

The ability of chatbots is personalization at scale, a world where every company has a chat function build around artificial intelligence to quickly address customer concerns personalised to the data available about that customer.

The key to support is to manage customers’ expectations. The support provider—whether a bot or human—if could replicate a human agent in solving problems and managing the expectations, users don’t seem to care. Don’t worry, nobody is going to talk your chatbot out about the holiday it last took when his printer refuses to work.

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