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The Evolution of iPhone Headphones vs Social Media

The Evolution of iPhone Headphones vs Social MediaLike the evolution of iPhone headphones. There's also a huge evolution of social media that many people have mis-understood.

First it used to be about followers and to an extent some people still care. Then it became about how many likes you can get on your post which still matters when it comes to reach. Now it's about comments, messages & how many people are reaching out to engage with you?

Having said that here's my 4 top tips to social media now and going into 2018:

  • 1. Build a brand by documenting your journey, you're not showing off but you're allowing people to see social proof as to what you're executing.
  • 2. Be empathetic over speaking at them. People want to know how much you can relate to them.
  • 3. Stop being everything to everyone, focus on a niche audience & stick to it. Not everyone is your target audience.
  • 4. Engage more in the comments and inbox. People remember how you make them feel not just what you put out there.

The importance of the 4th point can be the difference between you being happy in your business and running around stressed with people you don't want to work with. Just like the latest iPhone headphone it cuts out all the crap that we spend so much time on but isn't valuable to us at all. The wire is you clients that aren't profitable but drain and suck your energy.

If you would like to learn more about social media and how you can engage with your profitable niche then get in touch.

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