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Essential Steps to Expanding Your Business Internationally

Essential Steps to Expanding Your Business Internationally

Global expansion is a great way to bring your business to a new level.  Recently, as an addition to our multiple regional offices, alliantgroup has taken the international leap and has successfully expanded to the U.K.  As this is an exciting time, many other firms are considering global expansion to improve and grow their business; however, this process requires a significant amount of time, research, and effort.  If you’re thinking about international expansion for your business, consider these essential steps before taking the leap.

Conduct Proper Research

The first and most important step to take when considering expanding your business globally is conducting the proper amount of research and educating yourself on your expansion location.  Factors such as language barriers, culture, and legality are extremely important to consider. This will help you further learn your industry, and determine whether or not your products or services will be a match for the global market.

Develop a Strategy and Business Plan

Nothing can be done without a solid business plan.  Every market has differences depending on culture, economy, and government.  To contribute to the success of your expansion, you’ll want to make sure you’re developing a strategy that caters to the local area of where you’re expanding to.  Define your goals, and objectives and set them in place to work with your overall corporate strategy.

Evaluate Competition

Before deciding on if a location is a good fit, it’s important to evaluate the market you’re transitioning into and what type of competition you will face.  According to Inc. contributor Russel Findlay, “In order to succeed in another country, your product will have to fulfill a need that is not currently being addressed by a local business. If your product is the proverbial ‘better mousetrap’ than what’s available locally, it will need to be significantly better.”

Understand International Labor Laws

When facing global expansion, it is imperative to understand the legality of the new locations labor laws.  Going international can often require hiring employees overseas; it’s vital that you know and understand specific international labor laws as these laws can vary across different locations.  Additionally, when hiring of employees overseas, make sure to be aware of labor requirements that focus on factors such as pay and benefits packages.

A global expansion could be a great benefit for your business; however, it’s important to remember that there are many contributing factors to a successful transition.  Keep these steps in mind when considering international expansion.

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