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8 Outstanding Qualities of High Achievers by Sharon Broglio

If you are looking for a way to become more successful in your personal or business life, try modeling your activities and beliefs after “High Achievers”. These are people who have an unwavering determination for success and have implemented strategies to get what they want. 

1. High Achievers have a high expectancy of themselves in all that they do. 

Their expectations are that they will: 

- Solve problems that no one else can because whatever they do, they are driven towards success 

- Bring value to their project and inspire others to work at their maximum potential 

- Have temporary setbacks, but know it is possible to find the answers and they do

 - Form the best teams to get the most incredible outcomes 

- Get what they want, because they feel limitless in their skills and abilities 

2. High Achievers believe in themselves, no matter what the circumstances are. 

They know that by believing in themselves: 

- They have confidence in themselves and speak with moral authority

 - They are self-empowered because they know they are a valuable contributor

 - Others will look to them as a leader because they exude trust

 - They have tremendous conviction in their skills and abilities to find a solution 

- They are prepared to take advantage of unexpected opportunities that come their way 

3. High Achievers have a positive attitude, a “I can do anything” type of attitude, that elevates them to another level. 

A person with a positive attitude: 

- Has a magnetic draw that makes other people want to be around them

 - Reflects how they feel about themselves and are in control of their life 

- Does not complain 

- Can be the difference between failure and success

 - Propels themselves forward to self-improvement

4.  High Achievers are goal setters who are:

 - Compelled by a personal need to complete important goals 

- Consistently checking their progress towards their goals 

- Keeping their eye on the “end result” of their goals so they are not distracted or taken off track

 - Have a strong drive to achieve their goals faster 

- Write out goals and how they want to achieve them for the next day at the end of their current work day

 5. High Achievers attitudes are that they:

- Make their own opportunities and are responsible for their end results

- Have big visions, believe in working hard, and know that perseverance is vital to their success

- Have a natural instinct for problem solving and the resolve to find answers

- Are devoted and involved 100%+ in the projects they take on

- View failure as another chance for success, just a bump in the road

6. High Achievers have many worthwhile attributes such as:

- Understanding the value of teamwork and taking a leadership role by putting together the right

   mix of people to accomplish the task at hand

- They are extremely self-disciplined, determined and have great fortitude to accomplish whatever

   they set out to do

- Are highly optimistic and confident in their knowledge, skills and abilities

- Have great passion and initiative to motivate others to be the best they can be

- Are willing to work outside their comfort zone and push themselves to strive for excellence

7. High Achievers form habits that allow them to function efficiently:

- They are early risers with established morning routines that include exercise, healthy eating,

   and time for personal reflection

- They hold positive expectations for their day knowing that they have scheduled tasks to

  accomplish and have a plan of action to complete them

- They know the importance of balance in their personal and business life in order to replenish

  their mind and body

- They are constantly in learning mode. Always expanding on what they know and don’t

  know. They welcome a challenge

- They make it a habit to listen more and talk less. When they do talk, they use specifics like where,

   when, who and what so their communications are clear and precise

8. High Achievers have certain behaviors that make them stand out:

- They are extremely dedicated to what they are doing and have a powerful desire for success and


- They don’t let outside things distract them because they stay focused on the task at hand

- They focus on the 2% of their activities that give them 98% of their results.

- They don’t give up because they have long-term focus, along with a consistent method for

   managing difficult projects

- They value hard work, are intensely competitive, can bring their vision to fruition and have

   qualities of a perfectionist

8 Outstanding Qualities of High Achievers by Sharon Broglio

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