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Best Receding Gums Mouthwash

Receding gums are an indication that something is not right, but the lack of pain does not mean that gums are healthy. Chronically inflamed gums do not hurt. Receding gums almost always come from acute inflammation. This may be because something is between or under the gums, such as food remains or a broken stoker. The gums react with an inflammation resulting in swelling of the gums, and it becomes red and bleeds easily. In this post you will read about how to use Naturessmile receding gums mouthwash to stop gum disease!

Gum Disease Receding Gums

With chronic gum disease, you also have bleeding and swollen, red gums but it is not painful. This is also the reason why a number of people do not seek treatment: the symptoms are visible if you look closely, but not tangible. That is unfortunate because if inflamed gums would always hurt, no one would continue to walk with it.

Other Causes Of Receding Gums

Various other conditions can cause pain to the gums. Sometimes the diagnosis is not easy to set, and the dentist will come in handy and possibly have to make radiographs. A number of possible causes are:

Brushing too hard, sharp food such as hard rolls, piercings, a brace or a sharp edge on a (partial) dental prosthesis. Here the cause of the receding gums is easy to find and take away. This also heals quickly.

A fungal infection such as candida (thrush) or a virus such as herpes. For this, you can best go to the dentist or doctor to have this treated.

After. An after is a sore in the mouth, usually white in color with a red edge and can grow up to an inch. They can be very sore but usually go away within two weeks. Unfortunately, the cause is unknown, and there is no good treatment for it.

Receding gums after an operation. After swallowing a tooth or other operation in the mouth, there may still be swollen and sore gums for several weeks.

An inflamed root point: An inflamed nerve gives an inflammation to the root of a tooth, and that gives sore gums. If the swelling breaks through the gums, there is a pimple on the gums. This fistula will ensure that the gums are not so painful because the pressure is off, but the molar must, of course, be treated.

Treatment Of Receding Gums