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Network administrator - Definition, Skills and Salary

Network administrator - Definition, Skills and SalaryA network administrator (network administrator) refers to a technician who occupationally manages a computer network, but a network administrator is a technician in the network field of the system administrator, and the hardware and software constituting the network Operation, management, maintenance and monitoring are tasks.

The network administrator who manages and designs the company's network has the qualification according to the business.

Network-related devices include switching hubs, routers, firewalls, etc. Network management includes network address assignment, routing protocol assignment, routing table configuration, authentication and authorization settings, and directory and service management and so on.

Maintenance of network functions of individual devices, that is, setting of device drivers such as personal computers and printers are often included, and file server, VPN gateway, intrusion detection system, etc. are also included in system administrator work Sometimes.

Network administrators also provide support services, maintain network efficiency, and
maintain quality of service.

#Skills needed
At present, network infrastructure is a very important part for most companies. Not having a network can cause unavoidable financial losses and, in some isolated cases, can even lead to bankruptcy.
The network administrator should be able to control the activity on the network and call the technicians quickly in case of congestion or access problems. You must have precise knowledge of all the network equipment, of the different communication protocols, of the OSI Model and of different network architectures.
He is also in charge of managing user accounts, creating accounts for new staff members and eliminating them when they no longer belong to the company. In addition, due to the vertiginous changes of the technology and the means of transmission, the network administrator must be permanently attentive and keep up-to-date knowledge of the latest developments in order to modernize the company's network infrastructure.
In relation to the security chief, the network 
administrator definition is in charge of implementing adequate protection measures, monitoring activity logs and controlling security alerts. To anticipate possible dangers, you must implement a recovery plan defining what must be done to re-establish access as soon as possible, in accordance with the company's security policy.

#Network Administrator Salary:

Networked computer work is one of the most lucrative jobs in the market. This is the reason why almost half of young people are attracted to the computer industry. The average 
network analyst salary or a network administrator, Network technician is around $ 60,000 - $ 75,000. In reality, the salary range depends on the qualification, experience and the area of specialization too. The more the qualification and experience, the higher the salary range, and therefore, many people go for a master's degree in networking or computer science. Let's take a look at average salaries according to specialization.