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The Move - by River (My dog)

Where the F*ck are the rabbits? What happened? Why are we here? I don’t understand? The other day I got picked up for doggy daycare and then the craziest, messed up thing happened. The doggy daycare lady took me somewhere I had never been. She had to carry me through the front door because the man told her I wasn’t allowed to walk? What? Wait. I just don’t get it. Why am I not allowed to walk? So we get in the elevator and I’ve been in one before but this one takes a lot longer and everything smells different and I just don’t get it. Angie, the daycare lady, knocks on a door and then WTF? There’s my Mom like nothing happened. I lick here face and run around to smell everything. Some things smell right but other things don’t smell right. I see some of my toys and Mom gives me some peanut butter.

My Mom’s friend, Chris, comes over and I know him because he took care of me when Mom travelled last week. They take me for a walk but there’s no grass just cement. Where am I supposed to poop? Ahhhh, finally some little speck of grass. I do my business and we go back home. I’m really confused. Mom seems really busy unpacking and I’m just wandering around and then I realize there is this big huge window and I can see a bunch of stuff. Mom sees me looki