Kill Unsafe-Act (Behaviour) before it kills someone

It is evident from the study done that UNSAFE ACTS account for 80 % of all causes of accidents. It is a most vulnerable link in the sequence of accident causation model given by many scientists. Also equally difficult is the management of unsafe acts- human behaviours that is influenced by many internal and external factors. One another important nature of human behaviour is its dynamism because of that same person behaves differently as response to particular stimuli in different circumstances. Understanding of the human psychology for predicting unsafe acts (Behaviours) and managing it has ever been a challenge to all the persons working for the prevention of accidents in industry, at roads, at home, in air/water or at any other like place of activity.

It is also true that any amounts of efforts done to manage the two elements of the accident tirade-Person (competency) and Environment (workplace), third one- Behaviour (unsafe act) is enough to negate this. Here it is imperative to know as why a person commit unsafe act while performing an activity. There are numerous reasons as why a person does unsafe act, are summarised as below:

• Weaker Financial condition in bearing the cost of protection.

• Non-readily availability of information on safety.

• Discomfort in complying protection norms

• False build up of confidence due to long experience

• Belief of reduced speed of work with compliance of safety

• Difficulty in carrying protection devices up to the point of use

• Ambiguous safety facilitation

• Peer pressure of being mocked

• Supervisor indifference towards safety

• Poor planning of the work to be done

• Lack of encouragement to adopt safety

• Lack of user friendliness of safety norms

• Poor safety knowledge

• Repeated nature of work (monotonous)

• Uncertainty of harm of unsafe means

• Thrill of accomplishment (violation to safety)

• Inheritance ( culture)

• Religious alignment

• Act to show off (valour)

• Lack of statutory enforcement

• Insignificant discouragement (punishment) in comparison to benefits of unsafe acts

• Struggle to survive

As you drill down, you will find more and more minute details of the reasons of unsafe act (behaviour) specific to the concurrent situation the worker is in. One can work to make strategy to counter the reason of unsafe action on case to case basis so as to prevent the accident.

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