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Pedro Morilla: "It is a mistake to set a date for the return of football."

Pedro Morilla: "It is a mistake to set a date for the return of football."Wuhan was the zero zone of Coronavirus, a large Chinese city where many Spaniards worked, including former Granada CF coach Pedro Morilla. The Sevillian was returned along with 20 other Spaniards, all of whom tested negative for the coronavirus , and both Pedro Morilla as well as his assistants are waiting for new orders to return to the eastern country: "I have a contract and it is a wonderful project, if I have to return I will return. In constant communication with the trainers and translators and they tell me that everything is much better. Wuhan is the most conflict area, the citizens are still in quarantine for 28 to 31 days, but they now reach zero infected, "he told Radio Marca Granada.

Morilla is optimistic and believes that the Covid19 pandemic in Spain can be reversed by imitating the Chinese people: "There they took it with a lot of discipline, so Spain has a mirror to know if it is doing the right thing, because it is not infected. " Everyone, like many alarming messages, wants us to believe. You have to think positively, China emerged from it, it has zeroed the number of infections in two months. So if we are responsible, we will get out of this situation. "

From Girona, where he is currently guarding the young Chinese footballers from the Wuhan Academy, coach Simeone quotes to answer when football will return: "You have to go day after day, as Cholo said, game by game. It's a Failure to set the date, it is important to save the situation and there will be time since it will not be overnight, if everything happens and the circumstances are ideal to start playing, the players must have a minimum duration 12-15 days to get fit again because the training at home is not the same as at the highest level. "

You have to be happy because what you breathed in football in Granada in the past few months was wonderful. "

Morchel im Radio BRAND Granada

The former coach of Granada is proud of the success of the Andalusian club and claims to have his "little piece" of success: "Many football players from those who now come to me as technical secretaries, such as Puertas, Germán, Rui Silva, Víctor Díaz "I therefore feel like a participant, it was the project to make a Granada like this from now on". Of course, without forgetting the numbers from Diego Martínez and Fran Sánchez: "There are results, the work of the coaching staff, footballers and sports management is fantastic. We have to be happy because of what has been inhaled in Granada in recent months Football was wonderful. "

Finally he sends a message to the public: "Quiet and responsibility are two key words. Be very calm, busy and have the best possible time. You know that what you do is for the good of everyone and Spain. We fight every fight is very important. So a lot of encouragement and a lot of strength. "