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Why Should You Get Your AC Regularly Cleaned

Why Should You Get Your AC Regularly CleanedIn a place like Dubai, regular AC cleaning and maintenance is extremely important. Long hours are spent inside the house, office or other building and the AC is on at all times to combat the highly hot and humid climate prevalent here. Since the weather remains warm even during the winter months, the AC remains in use for the whole year. As a result, the constant prevalence of optimum temperature in the various parts of the AC causes bacteria and fungi to form their habitat inside, especially in the more moist areas. This is harmful both for the people living in the building and for the AC itself.

This makes AC cleaning and disinfection all the more important. The fact is, often it so happens that the effects of a poorly maintained AC are already showing but you do not notice because the change has occurred gradually and you, as someone constantly in contact with the AC, is affected like the frog in the pan of boiling water. Thus, as an underlying problem, AC contamination is a serious problem and may not be detected for a long time, continuing to affect the people around and also itself deteriorating in its service.

Pros of AC Duct Cleaning Dubai

Because ACs are continuously in use in Dubai, AC duct cleaning and disinfection in Dubai is something everyone should do religiously. You will instantly notice the good effects of it. Some of these are:

  • The most noticeable effect would be that the building would become less allergenic. When bacteria, fungi and their bio-residues accumulate inside the AC and the blowing cold air carries the minuscule particles with it to the atmosphere, the people in the room breathe them in. This causes allergic reactions in many, like coughing and sneezing, irritation in the respiratory tract, itchiness and redness in the skin, red, watery eyes, breakouts, difficulty breathing, hay fever and asthma. If there have been a few recent cases of these, an AC duct cleaning service should fix it. 
  • You can also be diagnosed with diseases like pneumonia and bronchitis, sinusitis, conjunctivitis, eczema, fungal infections and anything else depending on the bioaccumulation in the AC ducts. AC duct cleaning and disinfection should solve the issue.
  • General symptoms like fatigue, breathing difficulties, headaches, etc are also common due to the physical impact of the particles that act as air pollutants and should be gone once you get your AC serviced.
  • AC cleaning and disinfection should also help to improve the general quality of the indoor air and reduce odours and residue pile-on in the room.
  • Regular AC cleaning and maintenance helps to improve the efficiency and electricity saving capacity of the AC as the accumulations increase the load on the AC. Thus, the AC will cool better without increasing your electricity bills.
  • It will also help improve the durability of the AC and help to extend its lifetime by years.

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