Add value to your Data Science CV with Python skills!

Add value to your Data Science CV with Python skills!

Python is very important for almost every data science project today. Besides being an easy programming language to learn, Python also boasts easy to use data science packages that enable data scientists to perform tasks like exploratory data analytics, data iteration on auto ML platforms and easy data visualization. In recent years it has evolved as the most preferred programming language and tool for data scientists!

Assessing the popularity of Python

Complicated programming languages and tools are not being preferred by data scientists today as they do not want to be bogged down with complicated programming requirements and want tasks done hassle free. Python offers a never seen before flexibility and ease of use which is why data scientists with 5yrs or less experience tend to use python more. A survey by Burtch Works in 2018 claimed that a staggering 48% of young data scientists prefer Python over rivals like R and SAS. Another poll by KDnuggets in 2018 on top data science and machine learning software reported that Python had a 65.6% market share in 2018!

Some of the advantages of Python:

· Python supports object oriented and structured programming styles which renders it capability to be applied anywhere for any purpose.

· Dedicated data science libraries like Pandas, NumPy and Matplotlib in Python enables the data scientists to do all the data science tasks like analysis of data, performing scientific computations and data visualization using Python. Thus, data scientists do not have to seek third party software for essential tasks and they prefer using Python.

· Python is open source which means it is free to use and thus even small start-ups can reap the benefits of data science. Moreover, a strong support community of Python is always sharing ideas and helping each other out. This is why so many young data scientists use Python.

Importance of Python skills!

Given the popularity and advantages of Python, it becomes essential for building a successful data science career. If you are hoping to make a good career in data science and enjoy all the many opportunities offered by it then acquiring Python skills is more than important for you. Join a Python course today and make your CV unavoidable to recruiters.

The digital transformation of India and the emphasis on data science, big data and AI by the Indian government has made sure that the field of data science is one of the top employers today. The Indian government is hoping to support 60 million workers in its digital economy by 2025 and for that the country is in dire need for skilled data scientists. Hence, a Python course in India can be immensely beneficial to you!