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Landscaping for Beginners: Your Ultimate Guide to Proper Landscaping

Landscaping for Beginners: Your Ultimate Guide to Proper Landscaping

Re-designing the landscape of your garden will surely be hard work, regardless if it’s a simple change or a complete renovation. While it will consume a lot of your time and energy, re-designing your garden should not be that difficult. Think of it as reconfiguring a certain area in your home, like your bedroom or living room.

To further help you, here are more excellent tips that will help you achieve your landscape design goals:

1. Identify Your Landscaping Wants and Needs

Before you start with your garden project, you must make a comprehensive plan. This plan will guide you all throughout your project. It helps you make sure that you are still on track, both with your time and your budget.

When coming up with a plan, start with your wants and needs. For example, do you have children and want them to have a play area? Do you have an eyesore in a certain part of the yard that you want to cover? These questions will help you come up with design ideas that will provide appeal and function.

2. Consider Your Location

Pay attention to the sun and winds when considering your location. For example, you’re planning to add a patio on the left area of your yard. However, it will receive a lot of sunlight in the afternoon in certain months. This means it’s not comfortable to hold dinner in this area as it will be too hot for you and the guests.

Pay attention to how the sun and winds behave in certain months to ensure you won’t make any mistake of adding a certain feature.

3. Take Time to Enjoy Your Yard

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This means that before you start making changes in your yard, make sure that this decision is already set. If you’re still not sure, take time to enjoy the original design of your yard or garden. Make sure that you won’t regret any changes that you will make soon.

Also, spending more time in it allows you to see which features are fit for your yard. This helps you realize the essential things that you have not thought before.

4. Begin Small

Planning to make a huge renovation is surely an exciting idea. However, you must not get carried away. Usually, this ends up regretting the changes (and the expenses) committed.

Also, renovation requires a lot of work. If you see professionals completing this in just a few days, this is because they have the right resources. They have enough people and budget to achieve an awesome backyard makeover in just even a week.

With these considered, it is better that you start small. For instance, start with a flowerbed. Take your time and enjoy each process when completing this task. Make sure not to take shortcuts as your work will likely get sloppy and you will not like the results.

5. Look for a Focal Point

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If you may have noticed, most beautiful gardens have their own focal points. Your focal point may be a beautiful tree, a unique plant, or a sculpture. Having a focal point allows you to work around it and make it as your inspiration for the theme of your garden.

A focal point also allows people, even from your home, to appreciate your garden more. When they look at this area, they will be more mindful of the different elements in your yard.

6. Pay Attention to Pacing and Scale

Pacing and scale are probably among the most complex parts of landscape design. However, they are a must as they provide the components of your yard a connection. There will be differences in shapes, colors, and sizes. For example, you can have tall plants at the back of your flowerbed or against a structure.

It’s important that you find the balance between new components and repetition. While you want everything to complement each other, be careful that your garden do not appear monotonous. Repetition does provide harmony but you must introduce new elements as well for versatility.

7. Be More Flexible

Unless you are fully committed to something, you must be truthful of what you really like and what may be compromised. This means that there might be components that you really like but will not complement the style you are going for. By this, you must be open to trying something new or different.

If you are still a beginner, you must always keep this in mind: you need to be patient. As already mentioned, a landscape project needs so much work, time, and in some cases, money. There will be many changes along the way so you need to learn to adjust. Just keep this in mind as well: everything will pay off in the end.

8. Consider Investing in the Right Garden Tools and Equipment

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Having the right garden tools and equipment is not only necessary for landscape projects, but for proper maintenance as well. There are so many tools and equipment, so only get those that you really need.

For example, if you really have a huge yard with so many trees, it’s recommended that you have a log splitter. This equipment splits huge logs that you can use for firewood. This type of equipment is quite expensive so make sure that it has high quality and made by a credible gas-powered log splitter manufacturer.