Potential for Big Data in India

The potential of big data cannot be ignored in this Age of information. As industries throughout the globe go digital, data is becoming more and more accessible. And thanks to the advances in digital technology, a massive volume of data gets captured every day. A Big data analytics (BDA) framework like Hadoop offers to store and process all that data which inevitably helps in getting precise insights on a variety of subjects. Business organizations use big data analytics to enhance performance and nonprofit organizations use it to serve better.

Potential for Big Data in India

India aspires to become a digital hub and big data is its sharpest instrument at the moment. By 2020, India is all set to create close to 2.3 million petabytes of data and it can be a massive resource for not only its economic sectors but also its governmental ventures. There is also a rise in the number of BDA aspirants in India. Many are learning BDA tools like Hadoop from Hadoop training institutes in Bangalore and many more are going for big data certification courses in Pune or Gurgaon.

Possibilities with big data in India

Traffic in urban areas of India is a real menace. BDA can also help to build models with the ability to predict traffic conditions and this can be utilized for better traffic management. Similar programs are already present in China and can be a real time saver for millions of Indians. Other fields where India needs to strengthen like the healthcare sector and the agricultural sector can be helped a great deal if BDA is embraced.

How India is already utilizing big data?

Big data is being already utilized in the ecommerce industry of India by key players like amazon and flipkart. Such companies use BDA to offer better customer experience in their apps and websites and also use it to make their marketing campaigns more effective. The political parties too are using it to better pitch their campaign to voters. The biggest successful example is Project Insight – a project of the government of India to track tax defaulters. Based on Big data, the project was built over several years using a fund of Rs 1,000 crore and will be used by the government to track tax defaulters.

Hoping to enter the world of Big data?

If you seek a career in big data in India, there was never a better time. As multiple companies are eying for skilled big data professionals you can easily land on your dream job in India. Owing to a lack of trained individuals, there is a huge demand for positions like Hadoop developer and data miner in India. A BDA professional in a non-managerial role is paid Rs 8.5 lakhs in an average and a managerial post can fetch more than Rs 16 Lakhs!

So, why wait? Get enrolled in any of the Hadoop training institutes in Bangalore or Chennai or any city with a good exposure to the industry and achieve your dream of becoming a BDA professional.