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HR Policy Manual : Why you should have one?

HR Policy Manual : Why you should have one?

An efficient HR Policy manual goes a long way in ensuring the smooth functioning of a company in the long run. It is the human resources department that deals with all aspects of employee relations in the working environment.

Good corporate culture is ensured with the Human Relations department.

HR Policy Manual: Why you should have one?

Here we list a few benefits and reasons why this becomes important in the workplace:

Aid in recruitment and employment

An important role of the HR department is to advertise for hiring new employees and carrying out the further stages of employment. It is the duty of HR officials to inform the employees of their duties and what the company or firm expects from them. Their duties and responsibilities are also laid out. This duty of the department becomes useful in a case when an employee wants to refer a job applicant to the company.

Dealing with employee issues

The HR policy outlines the chain of command in handling problems, such as the employee approaching her supervisor or manager first, or going directly to HR. It acts as a helping hand for each employee to resolve their issues. Such issues can be related to other co-workers, the employer or management. The HR policy manual can resolve conflict and make matters clearer for all parties. This plays a major role in the smooth and efficient functioning of the company.

Information on the organisation

An HR Policy manual can help in clearing out several matters and information regarding the company. Holidays, leave, work hours, pay procedures, overtime pay, performance reviews, recreational breaks, dress code, salary or pay revision or pay procedures, these are some of the few things that the documents make clear for the employees. The employees get information on what they can expect from the company.

A good introduction to the new employees

Employees who have joined the company recently need to be briefed on some basic guidelines and operations within the organisation. With a well-structured and planned handbook, the HR manager can save a few precious hours of work time. They would not need to spend time explaining the same policies every time a new employee joins or answer the same question over and again.

Legal importance

The HR manual lays down in great detail the laws and rules that need to be followed in the workplace. This helps in maintaining the overall behaviour of each and every employee. The policies of the company on employee safety measures and procedures are also specified in the manual. It becomes useful for managing occupational hazards and accidents. It also ensures that cases of violence and sexual harassment does not take place in the workplace.

There are several HR consultants in Delhi who are providing their services with great skill and efficiency. An HR manual plays a major role in maintaining this character within the workforce. So there were a few major reasons why every company and organization needs a basic HR manual.