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Best places to eat cuisines from Pan India in London

London’s Indian cuisines are uniquely delicious, as the chefs there prepare them with traditional curries and modern flavours. Some of the finest Indian restaurants are present in London’s streets. Travellers that visit London for Buckingham Palace, also try out the best London restaurants for their Chicken Tikka Masala.

If you’re in the mood for Indian food or are missing home, here are some of the top Pan Indian restaurants to try when in the capital.

Baluchi - A Pan Indian Destination

Best places to eat cuisines from Pan India in London

Baluchi is located in one of the top hotels in central London, TheLaLiT London, and is quite popular for some of the most flavourful Pan-Indian delicacies. The restaurant combines new flavours and prepares its own twists on existing recipes. It does a wonderful job at making contemporary food based on Indian delicacies. The vibrant menu is inspired from various cultural regions in the country and is made from the finest organic ingredients.

Travellers coming to London must visit Baluchi at The LaLiT London and have their fine dishes for lunch or dinner. When it comes to London restaurants, Baluchi takes the cake in Indian food. The other amazing part about the dining experience is that it happens inside a magnanimous dining hall. You’re instantly made to feel like royalty from the moment you step inside the restaurant’s doors.


Amaya specialises in Pan-Indian taps and exclusive Indian dishes. They have multiple options in clay tandoor, charcoal grill and griddle, while offering top-of-the-line in meats and seafood. It’s one of the top places to get a multi-cuisine Indian experience, as their food isn’t like your traditional Indian food. Amaya has its own take on traditional recipes and tries to match international tastes with its dishes. It’s one of the more popular London restaurants.

Apollo Banana Leaf

For lovers of South Indian food, there is no better place than Apollo. It closely matches authentic South Indian flavours, combining Sri Lankan ingredients and essences in its dishes. It’s one of the top London restaurants for South Indian food and has been using authentic flavours in its seafood as well. You’ll feel right at home, if you’re grown up with seafood and coconut chutneys.

Calcutta Street

This former pop-up shop-turned-restaurant is a magical wonderland of traditional Kolkata dishes. It’s one of the new wave restaurants that are innovating in the London dining atmosphere. They have some unique soulful offerings that tantaliSe the taste buds and provide a unique dining experience to those who’ve never been to Kolkata. It’s one of the top restaurants in the region for just that reason.