5 Ways to Incorporate a Library in Your Apartment Space

Having a dedicated space for your library is a dream every book nerd wishes will come true someday. However, living in the city, with small apartments this seems impossible. Maybe it’s because you are looking in the wrong place. look on the outskirts of the city. Builders like the Lodha Group have come up with multiple plush yet affordable projects where you can easily fit a makeshift library.

To fulfil this dream, here are 4 ways you can convert spaces in your apartment into a library:

1. Headboard

The space behind your bed is usually unutilised. What if you mount shelves on the entire wall making it a headboard library. This way you can dedicate the entire wall to book and also not clutter any other space. It offers a clean look to your bedroom without taking away from any other factor.

2. Vertical bookcases

Use storage shelves in your living usually used to store décor items as your library. This can be the space around your television or media units. Put up two shelves on either side to show symmetry. You can also colour coordinate your book or arrange them according to height.

5 Ways to Incorporate a Library in Your Apartment Space                                                                                      *Image Source Google

3. Window

If you have a window seating area that is raised above the floor, you can squeeze in a library below as well. Make it a hollow surface and create wooden shelves to store some of your anytime read books.

4. Statement

You can make a statement out of it. Ask your carpenter to cut out a shelf of sorts which is in the shape of a map. This will not only create a beautiful wall mounting but also create storage space for your books.

                                                                                     *Image Source Google

5. Spare closet

Some apartments come with an inbuilt closet space either for your laundry or as a storage closet. You can use this closet as your miniature closet space. It almost functions as Harry Potter’s closet. You can go in and enjoy your favourite read.

Dan Jey 12/4/2018 · #3

You have some great suggestions here!

Claire L Cardwell 4/4/2018 · #2

Some great ideas here Shruti !

Jerry Fletcher 26/3/2018 · #1

Great advice with a lovely sense of humor.