Top 3 Floor Plans Trending In 2018

2017 was the year of the open floor plan trend. The open space and modern vibe of the setting was quite a plus point that resonated with young couples and new generation home buyers. Now that we are half way through 2018, we can identify how the trends have changed in the past few years. Where open floor plans have definitely not left the favourite spot, there are other real estate trends gaining fast popularity with buyers. Have a look at our top 3 floor plans trending in 2018. Whether it’s a modern luxurious apartment like Lodha Belmondo, or a new farmhouse on the outskirts of the city, these plans will definitely entice you.

Kitchen-centred design

Taking cues from an open floor plan design, we are witnessing a rise in home designs with a heavy focus on the kitchen. Having a social kitchen that centres the rest of your house seems like a fun idea, particularly for families with multiple generations living together. It gives the family a space to enjoy their time together, connect and create memories. Such a plan also gives you lots of space to use innovative design tricks.

Top 3 Floor Plans Trending In 2018                     *Image Source Google

In-law suites

Single floor plans with suite extensions for older generation is a rising trend seen among big families. This style is aimed creating versatile spaces around the house that are also accessible without stairs. Many apartment buyers are also choosing to customise their home spaces to include first/ground floor master suites. Comfortable, large and centred on convenience, this floor plan suits multi-generational families the best.

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Modern rustic

Similar to the floor plans for Lodha Belmondo, we’re witnessing a rise in farmhouse-style floor plans with a major contemporary twist. Clean, simple, and chic styles, this trend focuses on the bringing the rustic to the usual. These floor plans feature spacious windows, foyers, defined entrance lobbies and more.

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