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How to win at telephone / video interviews...

Through my private coaching and 'Executive Edge' online I regularly provide advice on how to win at face-to-face interviews.

When we hear the word 'interview' this is what most people immediately think of – a face-to-face meeting where you pit your wits against one, or sometimes multiple interviewers. They're often the thing people dread, but also want at the same time – the bridge to the job offer and something that must be crossed!

How you choose to approach your executive job interview is the key determinant of your success or failure. How To Win At Executive Job Interviews provides an overview of the approach I recommend and will encourage you to think about your next executive job interview in a completely different way.

A face-to-face interview is one thing, but what happens when your first interview is conducted by phone or video conference?

This was the question Charlie asked me last week and one I will provide advice on now. It's a great question, because phone or video interviews can actually be much more difficult to handle than face-to-face interviews, and in order not to falter it pays to have a strategy in place.

The first thing to say is that all the normal advice of how to prepare for, execute and follow up your executive job interview applies here too. If you need further help there is a chapter in Super Secrets of Successful Executive Job Search on this topic and also a comprehensive section in 'Executive Edge' online (step 4 of the process section).

Telephone or video interviews add an additional dimension, more complication and definitely more things to think about. In what follows I'll explain why employers conduct phone / video interviews in the first place and provide specific advice on handling each in turn to increase the probability of you progressing to the next stage of the recruitment process.

Why do employers conduct phone / video interviews?

There are three main reasons why employers decide to conduct this type of interview and it's important to note that a phone / video interview is usually not a replacement for a face-to-face interview, but instead an extra step in the process before an employer (or recruiter) commits to a meeting:

1. Quantity – if an employer has a high number of suitable candidates