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Managing your career and maintaining marketability in senior roles.

Earlier this month I was back down in London to present the second of two webinars for ACCA on how to manage your career and maintain marketability in senior roles.

In February the topic was how the job market really works and how to position yourself to stand out from the crowd!

At the more senior end of the market things become more complicated and competition can be fierce. This second webinar was designed to highlight some of the principal challenges of career management at the executive level and provide solutions to maintain marketability.

Although the webinar was presented to those in the accountancy and finance sector, the advice contained in this blog post (and on the webinar) holds true, whatever your level, profession or industry sector.

To watch a recording of the webinar, please click here. Alternatively to gain a snapshot of some of the major points, please read on.

Some of the challenges specific to senior roles:

There are a number of challenges specific to changing roles or making an executive transition at the C-level / C-suite / executive level.

Firstly, in any organisation there are generally less people at the top as compared to at entry-level positions. Assuming people remain ambitious and stay within sector this means the higher you climb the more competition for fewer and fewer positions.

Executives in my experience place too much emphasis on the ability of their CV / resume to secure them their next position. Unfortunately this rarely works – as a former professional recruiter I rarely read a CV from start to finish, I simply didn't have the time. As an executive you have to stand out in other ways to be the one who gets noticed and hired.

Adding to the CV / resume challenge many then rely on third parties to take this document and use it to open doors with employers. Here I'm principally talking about executive recruiters – while they provide a valuable service and should be part of any successful job search strategy, they are only a small part of what you can and should be doing. As a C-level / C-suite executive if you rely solely on this strategy be very aware of two things:

1) You're not in control of your job search – they are.

2) This tends to be what everyone else is doing, which makes standing out virtually impossible.

Executive job search is personal – it doesn't happen to the organisation you work for, it happens to you. As successful job search entails standing out from the competition, it involves doing different things to the