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Struggling with your international executive job search?

One of the things I'm asked to advise on and help with on a regular basis is international executive job search.

Executive job search can be difficult at the best of times, but when the additional component of 'national' and especially 'international' is added into the mix, things can quickly become even more challenging!

If you're struggling with an international executive career move or considering this as an option, this article provides important advice on some of the things you need to consider and the approach I'd advise you take.

Executive job search is the same all over the world:

Wherever you're currently based in the world and wherever you're looking to move rest assured that the challenges the executive job market presents are uniform whatever your country and no matter what your industry sector.

I work with clients from all over the world and one of the questions I'm initially asked is whether I know how the executive job market works in a prospective client's country. It's a great question and one they have every right to ask, but my answer often comes as somewhat of a surprise.

Although there will be nuances as to how things work at a local level and within a particular profession or industry sector, the fundamentals of executive job search remain the same throughout the world.

In the executive job market there are people on both sides of the transaction – executive jobseekers looking to move and employers wanting to hire. No matter what the language or country of origin people don't tend to differ that much – we're emotional beings programmed to act and respond in a certain way. Unless checked we can be a slave to our emotions and often our own worst enemy, which is one of the reasons I emphasis psychology as being the most important thing when it comes to successful executive job search.

The system I've dev