Simone Luise Hardt en bebee nederlands, Directors and Executives 16/12/2018 · 2 min de lectura · +100

(extended) Letter of Motivation

My authentic Motivation

I understand company's needs (and wants). Selling your product in an international environment and very competitive market isn't that easy. You've always got to make sure that your product lives up to your high standards. Good quality still is essential, if you want (to keep) your share of the huge consumer market. After your launch has been a success. In order to achieve your company's set goals, you need the right people to be willing to work for that. I've always been willing to do that. Giving my best in everything I do or got to do. I take pride in delivering good work. I always keep in mind that what I do or have to do is in company's best interest. As an employee or as an employer. Since I have been both, I always (tend) to look at both sides of the medal.

I've tried the entrepreneurial way. Twice. With great products. And everything what comes (and goes) with it. With only one major problem. I couldn't make a living out of it. Others could. Invested a lot and payed for everything what was necessary.

So, it's back to being an employee again. To be brutally honest I need the money. Why deny it? It's a fact! You work for money too. If not, you've got plenty of that and you wouldn't need the job. Talking about employment.

I've been an excellent employee as well. Did my job or work at the office always with the most commitment. I always gave my 100%. And sometimes even more than that. Working overtime, unpayed, if the (new) job required it. I always made it my responsibility to get the most out of a/my day's work. 

So far, I've never needed a letter of motivation ;) in my life. I even never needed any references nor recommendations. (Talking about the Netherlands.) If I wanted a job at the office, I got it. Simply because I'm perfectly capable of doing it. And of course because of my educational background. No one ever doubted my skills. Nor my work ethics. I like to be productive (in an efficient way). And I like to be challenged. Onesidedness (or boredom ;) gets me down. I'm not a person who can do work which is the same day by day. I'm really allergic to that. I'm capable of doing more than just one thing. Over and over again. You can get a robot for that. It wouldn't mind (lol ;) My mind does. I've got too much experience and too many skills to be put on hold. They want to get out. All of them.

Ambition is what drives you to grow. Ambition is what drives me to grow too. I wouldn't mind learning additional or "new tricks" if the office job requires it. Did that too. Several times. No problem with that. (I'm not talking about years of education or study. Had plenty of that. Good ones ;)

To get started, depending on job description and monthly paycheck (of course) I would be content if you only need (or want to use) half of my brain. I'm always willing to work below my level of comprehensiveness. 

As a manager I'm also perfectly capable of "managing" an assistant role at the office. I can be a great assistant too. You rule. Just tell me what you need or want to be done and I'll manage or "manage" it.

I would be more than pleased to (make it) work for you. If it works for you, it works for me too. We would have a win-win situation. What could be more desirable than that? Tell me. I would love to hear!

Sincerely Yours

Simone Hardt

Your international & multi-lingual (German, Dutch, English) Manager, Assistant, or even Secretary.

P.S. Since I'm applying to several vacancies or job titles (incl. various job descriptions) my asset to your company will be the part (icle ;) I can play to be of value to your enterprise.