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6 Ways Small Businesses Can Use Their Website More Effectively

6 Ways Small Businesses Can Use Their Website More Effectively

Your website is an integral component and vital aspect of your sales and marketing goals and must be a lead generation, promotion, and conversion tool.

Right at the start of this year, it may well be a decent time to gauge the effectiveness of your existing website to figure out what changes can be introduced to increase the visibility, reach and lead generation for your small business through your site.

Here’re the top 6 ways small businesses can make better use of their websites to increase sales and enhance brand recognition:

  • Start a blog on your business website

The essence of content marketing is truly skin-deep. Blogging on your corporate site will demonstrate your skills and expertise, can deliver SEO advantages to make your website more visible on search engines, and help your visitors get to know more about your organization.

Also, it provides sublime content that you can share on various social networks to bring volumes of traffic to your small business website. Blog to share informative content and you may create a consistent following of new prospective customers.

2. Invest in high-quality images

The quality of pictures on your site can prove instrumental in increasing the trust your constituents toward your business. If the photos on your website are not reflecting your brand and maxim, switch to royalty-free stock images, or consider investing in professional photography.

3. Provide a digital download

Just about any business can come up with some snippet of free information that its potential customers would find practical and valuable. Giveaway informative material in the form of a digital download, a white paper or an e-book perhaps, to help your prospective customers get more familiar with your business and relevant expertise.

4. Enable Human Readable URLs (HURLs)

The visibility of your site will get an SEO advantage through HURLs. Using easy-to-read, keyword-rich URLs will help you make the most of social widgets, and you’ll be able to generate better click-through rates for your content, easily!

5. Display information about your people

Long over are the days of hiding yourself and your workforce behind corporate policies and faceless logos.

People now look to know who you are and what resources you’ve got onboard to gain more trust in your business, which proves crucial in sealing a deal.

Publish names, pictures, contact information and links to social profiles for the individuals who work at your organization to ensure your constituents get familiar with them and more aware of their expertise. People now look to do business with other people, and not the logos.

Communicating that you are human and easily approachable will help strengthen the trust of your constituents and, thereby, increase conversion.

6. Facilitate customer service online

Though you will surely never want to lose your personal touch with your potential customers, you can accentuate customer service by publishing tailored online tools that help your constituents get their questions and queries resolved, access essential documentation, and learn the basics of using your services and products.

Wikis, video-based e-learning centers, and online knowledge bases come truly handy in providing seamless, instant and round-the-clock support.

These were the top 6 ways in which small businesses can make use of their website more efficiently.

Anytime you wish to implement some of these changes or want to know more about how you can improve the effectiveness of your website, make sure you approach an experienced and established custom software development company so that all your needs can be implemented accurately, in the most professional manner, and without inducing any unwanted downtime in peak business hours.

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