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Why Android App Development Holds A Bright Future

Why Android App Development Holds A Bright Future

Ask anyone, what are the top three things without which their living gets hard. The smartphone will be one on the list. The growing dependency on mobile phones across the world is evident to all. And as we all know, it's not just because smartphones can make calls, but mainly because of the functionality and usability of the plethora of mobile applications that can be installed on the phones.

Mobile applications have created a stir in the business world as well and just as a few years back, every business focussed on having a website, now they are also focusing on mobile applications to target mobile users as their new client base.

No matter what type of business it is, every business can approach an Android app development company to discuss the idea of an application. Having a business app is one effective way to reach out to the customers as an app is more engaging and handy.

Why is Android the right platform for app development? It's a known fact that Android holds the largest mobile market share. Around 80% of mobile users use this operating system. so, for businesses, Android is the right platform to get an app developed.

The popularity of Android devices among users is here to continue and that is why it can be expected that Android has a bright future for mobile app development.

Listed below are some of the important reasons that justify why Android will continue to have its popularity.


One of the main reasons is that Android is an open-source app development platform, which means developers can build a wide range of mobile applications by leveraging the Android SDK (Software Development Kit) without paying a single dollar. In short, hiring an Android app development agency is affordable even for businesses that have a limited budget.

Various Sales or Distribution Channels

Easy deployment within different methods is another great advantage of the Android platform. The benefit of this is that a business doesn't have to rely on a single market place for properly distributing their applications. Along with Google Play, there are many third-party application marketplaces through which an Android app can be distributed. The best part is that a business can also develop its sales and distribution channel.

Easy to Customize

The success of a mobile app largely depends on the user interface. The user interface must facilitate vast user engagement. The Android platform enables an Android application development company to build custom applications focusing on the engagement level. The scope of customization available with Android platform makes it easy for the developers to easily transform an idea into a full-fledged mobile application. To increase user engagement, the platform also allows the updating of multimedia tools and data management functions.

Convenient to Adopt

While choosing an Android application development company, a business needs to associate with one, where developers have the experience of working with Java. A developer who has a good command over Java language can build mobile applications without any difficulty.

Robust Frameworks

Android is considered to be a futuristic platform because it has robust frameworks for developing mobile applications. Other reasons that support the bright future of Android are the availability of tools, easy monetization, affordable development cost, etc.

Android Instant Apps

Another reason supporting the current and even the futuristic popularity of the Android platform is Android Instant Apps that provides great support for the version ranging from 5.0 to 10.0. Data says that over 500 million users have already installed instant apps.

Android Solutions for enterprise operations

Android-based enterprise apps have already become the preferred choices among businesses from multiple industries across the world. Android mobile applications help businesses to run smoothly by catering to their day-to-day needs. In future also, enterprises are to increasingly rely on Android apps for enhancing their operational efficiency.


Mentioned above are some of the genuine reasons that indicate the bright future of Android as a mobile app development platform. Since it is here to stay and grow, it is the appropriate time for businesses to associate with a reputed Android development company to get their desired applications created.