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6 transformations in communication you might have missed

6. SMS (Short Messaging Service) vs. IM (Instant Messaging)

Instant Messaging has become one of the most popular communicating methods to us nowadays. Mobile SMS has not yet vanished in communication, though. But you probably have noticed some changes that have occurred in our daily communication with others. Do you remember your last SMS to your nearest one?

Yes, we are forgetting to do SMS like Happy New Year SMS, Happy Birthday SMS, EID wishing SMS, etc. our communication has just been transformed from SMS to Instant Messaging. Isn’t it?

6 transformations in communication you might have missed

5. Text vs. Stickers

I know you still type text while Facebooking or messaging others. But did you notice that we are getting used to sending various stickers, emoticons, and emoji’s instead of typing text in our messages? The transformation in our messaging can be understood by the image below.

6 transformations in communication you might have missed

4. Private Letter VS. Secret Chat

Writing a private letter, love letter or any form of writing has become history in our communication today. Each and every relation has some secrets to express. We usually loved to destroy our written private letters or kept them hidden for privacy. But nowadays this has transformed into Secret Chatting (Message that disappears within a set time) with our closest ones or while in very private and secret communications.

6 transformations in communication you might have missed

Image courtesy to ringID

3. Newspaper VS. Newsfeed

You obviously know regarding the NewsFeed on Facebook. A continuous feed of updated data consisting of news and updates which inform us of the latest events. We use the Newsfeed as we used to know day by day from reading Newspapers. We are now getting various news from different news agencies in Social Networking Media like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, ringID etc.

6 transformations in communication you might have missed

2. Vote VS. Like/Comments

People usually love to give their opinion/votes to elect public communicator (A political individual who works for citizens) or before any sort of decision making. Now a day’s people like me would love to give their opinion through like, comments etc. using social networking channels before making any decisions.

6 transformations in communication you might have missed

1. Mobile Operators VS. Messaging Apps

This would be one of the biggest transformations in communication ever! Replacing the mobile giants with messaging apps is surely a looming threat to telecommunication. From the beginning, Messaging Apps are eating away into revenues from SMS and nowadays in fact from Calling, and etc. the threat is only getting bigger. They are creating immense pressure on mobile operators to find new ways to compete and stay profitable. WhatsApp, and other popular services like ringID, Viber, Skype etc. have put significant pressure on mobile operators’ SMS revenue – with over $1.5 billion in revenues lost in 2014. (Accenture Reports)

Meanwhile, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Viber, ringID and other applications or over-the-top (OTT) services are seeing huge boosts in user bases. Messaging apps are massively growing their thus Mobile operators are seeing growing pressure on their main revenue channel which is voice revenue. Accenture estimates that voice revenue will drop by 2% annually from 2012-2017.

6 transformations in communication you might have missed

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