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How Companies Build Great Teams | Sol Maya Trickey

How Companies Build Great Teams | Sol Maya Trickey

A great team can carry any company to untold success, but building that team can prove to be a challenge. While attracting good employees is essential, there's also a process to team building that you should follow in order to get everyone working together. Here are a few things to consider as you try to get your employees to work together as a single, unified team.

Every Team Needs a Leader

In the past, employers issued orders and expected employees to follow them, or lose their jobs. That mentality won't work anymore. Creating an open and positive work environment is the first step in team building, so you should concentrate on communication. Encourage your employees to come to you with their concerns and ideas. You should do the same, holding meetings in which you ask your employees for input.

Show an Interest

You can also make an effort to show your employees that you're interested in them and their jobs. Walk around to the various work areas, but try to do so without giving the impression that you're trying to micromanage. Instead, ask how your employees are doing and express interest in their tasks. In letting them know that you care about their experiences, they'll feel more valued and this will help engender a team environment.

Encourage the Forging of Relationships

Try to create situations in which your employees are encouraged to go to one another for help, insight, and support. This will help chase away the workplace toxicity that can keep your employees from forming a team mentality. You should also encourage growth and advancement wherever possible. While one employee may excel in his current position, keeping him in that position for too long can negatively impact his morale. Instead, allowing him to advance shows him and the rest of your employees that their work and dedication is recognized.

Hiring a diverse selection of employees will give you the basic tools you need to build your team, but it's up to you to learn how to use those tools. As you work at getting to know your employees and help them to trust one another, the team will form itself. This will lead to a rewarding experience and, over time, you'll find that changes help your team grow stronger rather than weakening their bonds.