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How I Know Your Struggling With Your Online Business(VLOG)

How I Know Your Struggling With Your Online Business(VLOG)

If your producing results online then this blog post is not for you. People like you have paid your dues and gained the knowledge necessary do bring your dreams into reality.

 Congratulations on your success and well deserved results. The only way I can possibly help advanced marketers like you is to make available a higher quality of weaponry to support your future campaigns. 

                                                                      >>>>>Step by Step Video Instructions<<<<<


Struggling Online Businesses

Two years ago I would post to my Instagram account and work my way up to 100 likes per post with no problem. 

Now Im lucky if I get 30 likes per post. The Instagram algorithm has changed and so has Facebook's algorithm.

 I used to drop a smoking hot blog post into a Facebook group and get loads of traffic back to my website, but not anymore. Now Im lucky if I get 5 likes or clicks on my link.


Organic reach is virtually dead, but there is still one alternative I've found to be useful, that's if you have the patience to go this route. You have to find your targeted audience, be social, and engage them one on one. 

This requires text book engagement training that 90% of the people online simply don't have or even know exist.  

Fake It Till You Make It Criticism

I believe that 90% of people with online businesses have no idea what their doing. I believe their producing zero results and unfairly criticize people as being complainers then pretend as though they have all the answers. 

Many online entrepreneurs have been online for years and have built their audiences before the social media algorithms tightened their icy grips on organic reach. 

These are normally the people who try to make you feel like an incompetent online entrepreneur, simply because you openly acknowledge the gradual shift in organic reach.

Manual Promotion

I've done manual promotion for close to 3 years. There's nothing wrong with it. Posting to your social media newsfeeds, blogging, engaging potential clients one on one, building relationships, providing value is exactly what you should be doing.

Unfortunately the landscape(socialmedia platforms) has changed which prevents manual promotion from producing what it used to 5 years ago. 

There's 2.2 billion people on Facebook and only 5-10 people will see your content. 

The game has changed and if you don't sober up to this reality, your road to success will grow an extra mile with every step you take.

Expedite Your Progress

If I knew what I know now when I started my business 3 years ago, I could have made much more progress. When I coach a new client we jump straight into pixels and building an audience using Facebook ads. 

If you don't understand the concept behind building an audience you will waste a lot of money on FB Ads. I speak from personal experience. If you understand a few of the concepts I speak of you can do a lot of damage for your business with as little as $5 day.

Learning how to grow your audience and follow step by step instructions is just an empty shell. You have to learn & implement the principles in your marketing campaigns. Online success is not a product of luck. There is a foundation of fundamental truths you must acknowledge and apply.

Why An Audience?

Your online success is dependent on a large group of people seeing your content. These very same people(audience) need to see your content repeatedly. 

Here's an example. On Instagram you have 2 groups(audiences) of people. The first group(audience) of people are people who interact with the content you post. These people like comment and watch your videos. 

The second group(audience) of people not only interact with your content, but they visit your profile to see who you are and find out more about your business. 

Both audiences are valuable to you but the second group(audience) is extremely valuable to your operation. Why? They took action to inquire further. There's a psychological connection that must be exploited. 

If you don't know how to contain your audience your just throwing your content into a ocean of content, never to be seen again. This is the first thing I will show you. 

Branding & Re-targeting

Now that you have your audience captured you dont have to waste your precious content in an ocean of content, where it will never be seen or heard of again. You have an audience in a swimming pool in your back yard now. 

Will your audience recognize your content when you re target them with a paid ad? Not if you don't brand your content. The pictures below is just an illustration of how I brand my content.

In the absence of a video, my audience will recognize my logos and call back to mind, my coaching business, my t-shirt business, my promo ad business etc. 

Let's say you decide to drive from NJ to FL. On your road trip you will drive pass tons of businesses you never knew existed. 

Unfortunately for those businesses once you pass their business on the road you will never see them again. 

How can they possibly make money if everyone who walks out the front door is a lost chance of generating revenue.

What if you could place your business in the hometown of everyone who see's your business? 

Every day that person goes to the store, work, the movies etc, they will see your business. Im going to show you how for FREE.

>> Step By Step Video Instructions <<< How to build an audience of 100's or 1000's in a week.

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#1 Thanks Jerry. I recently had a break through and this blog post is the product of it.


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Solomon. Didn't have time for the whole thing. I'll come back to it. Good stuff. Agree completely with your front end comments on Brand and Trust.

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