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How To Booby Trap Your Video Content

How To Booby Trap Your Video Content

Booby Trap?

Let's say your lost in the woods without a firearm and you have to find food to survive. You decide the only option you have to catch meat is to set booby traps. 

Your success and stomach ultimately depends on the functionality of the mechanism you've created to capture your lunch. If the mechanism you've designed is not operational, your goose is cooked. 

The more functional traps you set, the higher chances you have of catching food. Booby trapping your video content is no different when trying to catch new subscribers or generating revenue.

Passive Income/ Subscribers

The more booby trapped videos you add to your Youtube or blog library the higher chances you have of producing tangible results. These videos work for you 24/7, 365 earning you passive income, subscribers, likes, or comments. 

The key feature of your trap is to provide your audience value, they can use to benefit their own operation. 

The key to producing results is by implementing a technique known as "Invest, Learn, Teach". This concept is used by celebrity network marketers and you should use it as well. 

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