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New* Facebook Mimics The Subscribers List(No Email Address Needed!!!)

New* Facebook Mimics The Subscribers List(No Email Address Needed!!!)

I don't even open most of my email anymore. I'm receiving email from people and organizations I haven't even subscribed to. Collecting emails must have been powerful in the beginning but now it's become nothing more than a nuisance. Be honest with yourself. Do you feel the same way about the hundreds of unauthorized emails you have in your email box?

When a client/customer makes a purchase it's normally because he/she has been re-targeted with advertisements up to 7 times. The subscribers list generated from email marketing has performed an essential function in the online economy, but people are now hip to it(2018*) and are tired of it. 

Facebook has a new way of building a subscribers list without collecting a single email. Subscribing to someones messenger list is as simple as pressing a button. Interestingly most people are not hip to how it works which makes the messenger marketing method extremely powerful.

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5-10 new leads for your business is awesome but how about 20-50? Commercial Use

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Solomon Jones 8/12/2017 · #3

#1 Actually I never suggested forsaking the email list. The main focus of this post is the comparison between the 2 and why email marketing stats have slipped. It's a light post. Just enough to raise curiosity.

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Carlos 🐝 Tíscar 8/12/2017 · #1

Thanks for your post, it’s interesting.

I see a problem with forgetting the classic email, you only rely on Facebook, a 3rd party.

I’d do both, even though it’s more work.

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