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New* Facebook Mimics The Subscribers List(No Email Address Needed!!!)

New* Facebook Mimics The Subscribers List(No Email Address Needed!!!)

I don't even open most of my email anymore. I'm receiving email from people and organizations I haven't even subscribed to. Collecting emails must have been powerful in the beginning but now it's become nothing more than a nuisance. Be honest with yourself. Do you feel the same way about the hundreds of unauthorized emails you have in your email box?

When a client/customer makes a purchase it's normally because he/she has been re-targeted with advertisements up to 7 times. The subscribers list generated from email marketing has performed an essential function in the online economy, but people are now hip to it(2018*) and are tired of it. 

Facebook has a new way of building a subscribers list without collecting a single email. Subscribing to someones messenger list is as simple as pressing a button. Interestingly most people are not hip to how it works which makes the messenger marketing method extremely powerful.

Explore My Messenger Setup to get some ideas on how you can set yours up. X1K Commercials

5-10 new leads for your business is awesome but how about 20-50?