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Phone Spy Application

Phone Spy ApplicationAfter 6 years spent developing the call recording function, we are proud to announce that our Skype Spy Software program now fully supports two-way recording of conversations on cell phones. This makes our product the ONLY app for full control of the cell phone with an integrated recorder of all incoming and outgoing calls. The app is the most complete and maximally functional program for monitoring and listening to the cell phone. 

With its help you can track the GPS location, all calls, SMS messages, web history and much more! All data can be forwarded to your personal account on the server, by email or via SMS. Key features of AppMia recording conversations The program is compatible with all cell phone devices. The program is not detected even by advanced users phones. Plus, you can even hide the application! 

  • Automatic start-up when turning on the device
  •  managing invisible sms commands
  •  Listening to the phone's surroundings 

What data can be intercepted?

  •  All incoming and outgoing calls (Call duration / Name in the phonebook, Time & Date) 
  • All sent and received SMS with message text (Name in the address book, Time & Date) 
  • All contacts from the GPS address book, with the ability to plot traffic 
  • All made photos 
  • All the video taken 
  • All Email messages sent and received via the standard email client on iOS WholeApps correspondence 
  • All correspondence by Skype + call history
  •  All correspondence on Viber 
  • All activities in Facebook, including photos 
  • All events recorded in the feces 
  • The history of web surfing (time, url) 

All these intercepted data are transmitted via GPRS / 3G / Wi-Fi from the "charged Aion" via a secure SSL channel to the server where you can safely read and view and listen to the whole thing! 

It is also possible to send this data to your email or SMS messages, but it's extremely inconvenient.