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6 Social Media Content Ideas You Should Try as Part of Your Marketing Strategy

6 Social Media Content Ideas You Should Try as Part of Your Marketing Strategy

In 2020, you can’t imagine any marketing strategy without experiments with different types of content. It’s getting harder and harder to win over new users with sticking to one kind of content format. Marketers experiment with content to appeal to different people using various channels, as some like reading articles, while others prefer videos, or get excited over an insightful infographic they’ve been looking for.

Visuals are the key thing in any content strategy, and many brands buy images on stock photography platforms which helps when budgets are limited. Choosing the right visuals is tough, but staying consistent and relevant with your content is an even bigger job. If you are looking for inspiration and ideas on how to diversify your content on social media platforms, keep reading this article. It lists the most relevant content types these days and how you can use them in your social media marketing in 2020.

1. Storytelling

With ephemeral content thriving on Instagram and Facebook, it’s no wonder that more than 60% of brands have adopted stories as a content type and post them on a regular basis. You should note that in 2020 it’s not enough to just post random stories from time to time. Storytelling is an important element to integrate with this format. Just like with any content type, your approach to stories needs to be thoughtful and coherent. If you achieve a series of related and engaging stories that include some sort of narrative, you will be able to engage your audience for a longer period of time and make them excited for your upcoming posts.

2. Interactive content

Interactive content is used for bringing more engagement to your social media profiles. Different platforms provide varying tools for creating some sort of interactive content. For instance, on Twitter, you can create polls for your subscribers to participate. On Instagram, you can create small polls, surveys, and even interactive quizzes in your stories. When people participate in them and interact with your content, you will be able to get more engagement and improve your brand awareness.

3. Video content

Today, video accounts for more than 60% of global internet traffic, and there are several reasons for this. Apart from videos being simply ‘heavier’ than images and text content, this content type is getting more and more popular each year, with people preferring to watch a video over the same content in text. One of the reasons for this could be that our attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. According to Statista, in the US alone, 85% of internet users watch a video online at least once a month, but most commonly on a regular basis.

You can’t overlook videos for your social media marketing strategy, as this is the one content type that is predicted to dominate the internet in a couple of years. There are tons of creative ideas on what you can shoot, which mostly depends on your marketing budget. Even if your business is small, you can still adapt videos to your content strategy. For instance, shoot your products in real life with your own smartphone, and your clients will appreciate that they can see the things in an authentic and real way.

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4. Live streams

Apart from videos being in high demand, more and more users these days enjoy watching live streams on a daily basis, especially when brands stream something useful and valuable. With most of the offline events postponed or cancelled, people opt for online events as their only alternative. If you don’t know what to stream, think of your value for your customers. If you run a grocery store, you can invite a special guest such as a chef to cook something for a live stream and explain the recipe to viewers. For dynamic digital companies and startups, it would be interesting to stream ‘behind the scenes’ and show people your human side.

The choice of a platform for streaming depends on your business type and the aims of your marketing strategy. For instance, Instagram is a popular place for live streams as it sends notifications to your subscribers when you start a live stream. However, YouTube is also a great option for live streams as it allows you to easily save your stream as a separate video after it’s over. If you want to appeal to millennials and zoomers, you can even try out Twitch.

5. Personalized ads

In 2020, creating just one ad for everyone and hope it will work just fine is a road to nowhere. With the abundance of tools, you can create a promoted social media post for cheap. You can even personalize your ads for better targeting. Personalization is a must in 2020, so research your target audience and create several separate ads for different groups within it. Your audience isn’t homogenous, and there are people with different interests, behavioural patterns, and of different ethnicities. Creating your content and ads, you should mind these differences, especially if you operate globally. Mind the context and don’t over personalize your ads not to make them look creepy.

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6. Collaborations with influencers

Brands have been inviting influencers for their ad campaigns for several years already, and the industry is estimated to be a multi-billion dollar one. If you haven’t tried influencer marketing, in 2020 you should consider collaborating with bloggers and content creators for more interesting, diversified content and consequential collaboration.

The choice of an influencer heavily depends on the type of business, your marketing budget, and your aims. Many brands these days collaborate with niche influencers not to spend their entire monthly budgets on a celebrity. Working with micro influencers has proved to be almost as effective in terms of engagement. The audiences of micro influencers are usually very loyal and dedicated, as these content creators and bloggers offer their particular niche expertise and communicate with their followers on a more personal level.

An afterthought

Being diverse in your content strategy helps you appeal to more people and with time, helps you find your exact target audience.There isn’t such a thing as a universal post or content type that will appeal to everyone, so you need to provide your existing and potential clients with varying content to make sure your message reaches more of them.

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