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THE UGLY IS FASHIONABLE, A CONTINUOUS FREAKSHOW  TO BE ANYONE BUT NOT OURSELVESThe ugly, until recently, was a kind of status symbol, that something that even if not accepted and understood, created someway something of morbidly "attractive"; now it has also lost this fascination because it tends to make it normal (I hate this word) to accept everything that is not.

 I will be old-fashioned, but the saying "beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder" is a sublime nonsense, beauty is beauty! Point.

Beauty is objective, taste and style remain subjective, something of beautiful is immediately recognized, it is in our dna to be aware of the beauty that surrounds us, the right proportions and harmony of the forms but, we are forced to see it even where there are disharmony, disorder and disproportion.

Remaining in the fashion world, even male models and female models have changed, they no longer embody the classic stereotype of masculinity and femininity, everything is mixed; men with a feminine appearance and women with an androgynous appearance, emaciated bodies, disheveled faces and walkings like living deads make us regret the beautiful goodies of the '80 and' 90 years. Everything must be exasperated, taken to the extreme to enjoy an ephemeral notoriety destined to die.

 Everything is without character and personality, but the message we want to pass is the exact opposite, you want to "scream" a force that we do not have, showing it but not demonstrating it.

 Now to be noticed we must generate indignation in others, attract attention with ridicule; even the most emblazoned fashion houses have adjusted their standards to this exaggerated need to embrace the caricatured mood .