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The best way to synchronize outlook and data from digital devices

The enterprise of SYNCING.NET

SYNCING.NET Technologies GmbH was founded in 2006 as a spin-off of the Technische Universität Berlin. We develop and market Outlook sync software for data exchange via peer-to-peer networks. Our worldwide unique synchronization technology offers significant performance advantages and savings compared to conventional solutions.

A look into the past

The company SYNCING.NET has emerged from the practical task of synchronizing Microsoft Outlook folders within virtual project teams without having to use and administer a server.

Guided by the conviction that peer-to-peer synchronization is a future trend, a small team has come up with a solution designed and implemented.

Over time, the project has grown into an enthusiastic intercultural team of young professionals, experienced business consultants and university professors.

What provides SYNCING.NET

SYNCING.NET provides automatic real-time synchronization of files and Outlook data between PCs.

The handy tool compares the data of multiple Outlook installations and Windows folders - without the need for servers, unobtrusively in the background.

If you work with Microsoft Outlook on several PCs or use a laptop for mobile use parallel to the desktop PC, you know the problem: the data is different on all computers. Messages sent from the notebook can not be reached on the desktop PC, for example, new and updated contacts, appointments, or tasks are only available in the Outlook into which they were entered. Holiday pictures are scattered over several PCs, Excel lists are available in different versions on different computers - the chaos is perfect.

This is exactly where SYNCING.NET starts. All Outlook folders such as Calendar, Contacts, Inbox, Sent Items, Tasks, Notes, and any Windows file folders are kept synchronized between up to 50 PCs. Yes, you may sync calendar with Outlook without using of cloud-servers, directly and absolutely safe. The PCs connect via the Internet via a secure peer-to-peer network and exchange changes directly with each other.

If you interested in sync for Outlook - visit the official website:

The best way to synchronize outlook and data from digital devices