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Breaking News - beBee ranked up from 352nd to 292nd worldwide Start-up ! Q3 - 2017

Q3 - 2017 beBee takes on 60 start-ups worldwide

Press releases? Communication strategy from NYC HQ?  Where does the recent growth come from? Who are these early adopters running to register on the Beebe's personal branding platform?
Many questions remaining unanswered for the moment.
In addition to the next version release for Autumn 2017, will we have a video "trailer" of what the world would look like for UX users experience through the scope of those mysterious new features and capabilities? 

One thing is certain, beBee loves Innovation and Innovation love beBee!

Javier Camara recently produced an article talking about insights and team work about innovation as a long and intense think forward process with its load of constraints, efforts, workshops, and expectations.

Breaking News - beBee ranked up from 352nd to 292nd worldwide Start-up ! Q3 - 2017

For new users and for friendly reminder purpose here is a video about what beBee is all about:

Back to Startup ranking

Where does the Madrilene start up stand after 6 months in the competitive landscape?

Let's have a look:

Social Network ranking

Personal Branding ranking 

Bebee still leads all the way in the discipline, undisputed leader in the field of personal branding the Spanish start-up established an Office in New York City. Last quarters beBee acknowledged a growth in users adoption from 11 to 12 million individual worldwide.

Things are doing good and still a lot of work has to be done yet, such as constantly monitoring KPI and get inspired by competition's best practices and scores to beat them on the social media field. I am because we are is a principle at the center of affinity propagation, community strength, and communication relays will not take beBee to the next step, only by organic reach but by affinities and early adopters conversion over 12 million. Things will not occur by themselves, they do because we collectively apply techniques. Javier 🐝 beBee wrote that beBee was the best place to learn and develop your personal brand, remember the swarm intelligence concept, bees learn by mimics their elders and more experienced peers.

KPI & Score can they help to grow?

Key performance indicators and scores to inspire you to craft your own strategy attached to Bebee's expansion.

We are not SOCIAL MEDIA STARTUP #1 and we should.

Let's take social media discipline for example and practice, Strava US based start-up beats beBee by far in terms of ranking and scores, what do they do, how do they think? I invite you to observe them online on social media and showcase them in articles with your suggestions that will be warmly welcomed by the marketing department.

Starva's scores >>>>>>>>>>

BeBee's scores  >>>>>>>>>>

I won't comment here the gaps because they are obvious. I invite you to participate in this post in a sort of informal think tank for data and process analysis and suggestions mailbox.

I am sure Josean Rueda Cardenas will love that opportunity to express his talents with SEO/SEM/SMM!

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#105 I have checked and all the comments are in the current desktop version as well as the mobile version.

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@Federico 🐝 Álvarez San Martín any idea why almost all comments have disappeared? database purge? Update? they start at #97... (desktop version) I laso see a huge difference in analytics between the counts of views Desktop vs Android? Does it mean Desktop version counts get only Windows & Mac OS, while android gets all mobiles OS counts in addition? Thanks for clarifying.

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Lyon Brave 18/9/2017 · #104

It's my favorite platform thus far. Well, i really like Instagram.

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Yogesh Sukal 13/9/2017 · #103

@stephan metral 🐝 Innovative Brand Ambassador That's amazing news. Just bee awesome :).

Puneet Srivastava 4/9/2017 · #102

Thank you @stephan metral 🐝 Innovative Brand Ambassador for tagging. Good wishes to the entire team beBee. Guys, keep growing. :)

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Jason Baudendistel 31/8/2017 · #101

It's exciting to see BeBee's growth I was a very early Myspace user but didn't actually get the hype with Facebook in hindsight maybe there was a reason :)

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Jason Baudendistel 31/8/2017 · #100

#70 Impressive John, that much tweeting would give me carpal tunnell lol