Disruptively Simple Cloud Storage | The Hot Cloud Storage

Disruptively Simple Cloud Storage | The Hot Cloud Storage

Disruptively Simple Cloud Storage

It began with a simple question: “What would and could our customers do with their data if storage costs were no longer a factor?” And with that, Wasabi was born, founded by Carbonite co-founders and cloud storage pioneers David Friend and Jeff Flowers. Wasabi is on a mission to make cloud storage a simple commodity and utility, just like electricity.

In 2017, we changed the cloud storage landscape forever by introducing Hot Cloud Storage, a disruptively simple, one size fits all cloud storage technology that is 1/5th the price and up to 6x the speed of Amazon S3 with no additional hidden fees or API call charges. That is game-changing, leading-edge cloud technology that allows users to affordably store an infinite amount of data.  Wasabi is an entirely new approach to cloud storage… a bottomless cloud that grows with your business.

Storage Experts

We’re storage experts. Cloud storage is all we love to do. No one does it better. And we do it less expensively and faster than anyone. We realized long ago that the biggest challenge businesses face with their data is how to store it affordably, reliably and securely. The data, that defines your business today, and your success tomorrow, need to be stored in a universal storage product that serves nearly all your cloud storage requirements.

Today’s skyrocketing data storage and management costs should not force you to make decisions about which data to save or discard, or how and where to tier your data to make it affordable and accessible based on business requirements. We believe that in an age of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning where literally every piece of data holds the potential to transform businesses, lives, and generations, no one should be faced with having to decide what to save and where to save that data. 

Not today. Not ever.

Data will ultimately become the fuel that powers your innovation. That’s why we invented Hot Cloud Storage… cloud object storage that is incredibly cost-effective and fast for any purpose.

Our storage is enterprise-class, tier-free, instantly available and allows you to store an infinite amount of data affordably. We provide an S3-compliant interface to use with storage applications, gateways and other platforms, meaning that all your existing S3 storage management applications and tools work seamlessly with us.

How to Beat Amazon, Google, and Microsoft?

Amazon AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure are commonly referred to as the “big three” cloud providers and many assume their stranglehold on those top spots is very secure. The reality is that the big three in any industry are never secure. If another company can provide better solutions, greater focus or better pricing than they may be able to crack the big three. The most obvious way to shake up the cloud industry is to develop a better pricing model but pricing alone won’t unseat Amazon, Google, and Microsoft. It will also take a better technological solution and for a smaller cloud company tighter focus.

The Hot Cloud Storage is a cloud provider focused exclusively on providing cloud storage. We don’t provide cloud computing, instead, they partner with other providers. As the name suggests, " hot cloud storage" claims performance as a key advantage of their offering. Where most cloud storage offerings are only considered for storing cold data, we believe its performance can handle performance sensitive workloads (a.k.a. hot data).

Architected for High Performance

Like most cloud providers, the company’s storage platform is an S3 compatible object store. 

However, unlike most cloud providers we took the time to develop our own purpose-built sequential file system for their native object store rather than relying strictly on a Linux-based open source file system. Being in direct control of how, and where, data is written to disk enables the company to deliver high-performance reads and writes, something that object stores are not necessarily known for. 

Thanks to native control over the disk systems, we are able to organize write I/O so that when objects are read in the future, it can be done with a single pass. To accomplish this sequentialization of random writes, we use a flash storage front end to organize the writes prior to sending them to disk, a level of control that would not be available to them had they not written a native object store. The flash tier is also used to store the entire object store’s metadata. Considering that metadata IO is a key component and also the source of IO bottlenecks for object storage systems, moving the metadata to the flash tier also helps improve performance.

Architected for Competitive Pricing

In addition to performance it also has very aggressive pricing. 

A key factor in Hot Cloud Storage's architecture to help deliver its pricing advantage is the company’s use of Shingled Magnetic Recording (SMR) hard disk drives. While SMR drives by themselves are not necessarily less 1/3 expensive than other drives, when coupled with software that leverages SMR capabilities, the net price is less expensive on a per-TB basis

Unlike a standard hard drive which has independent tracks, the tracks on an SMR drive overlap, enabling more capacity in the same physical space. SMR drives though need to be written to intelligently and sequentially. Hot Cloud Storage , thanks to their software and the use of flash and native access to the drives, can manage SMR drives perfectly. 

SMR drives tend to deliver 25% more capacity per drive and most cloud providers tend to use thousands of drives per data center. 

 - example for 500 TB  Hot Cloud Storage with 20% of monthly download. - (Hot Cloud | Amazon AWS | MS Azure | Google Platform)

Ideal for:

Archiving | Content Delivery (Videos & Podcats) | Surveillance ( IP Sec cams) | IoT & IioT | Data Analytics | Artificial Intelligence & Machine learning

Consequently, the use of SMR drives gives Hot Cloud Storage a significant price advantage, while still providing better performance. 

Also contributing to Hot Cloud Storage’s price advantage is their efficient use of disk space — they are able to use more than 90% of the physical disk capacity. Considering that most file systems develop performance problems when a drive reaches 70% capacity, the ability to use another 20% of the drive combined with the 25% capacity pickup thanks to SMR use means that Hot Cloud Storage might have as much as a 50% price advantage on raw parts. 

This advantage more than makes up for any disadvantage that Hot Cloud Storage might have because it doesn’t yet buy at the volume discount levels of the big three.

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