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God place the best things in life on the other side of terror !

Fear is a Liar !

Get used to it !

God place the best things in life on the other side of terror !

Assuming you lifetime span is around 78 years. Do you really think, once grown up and more or less independent or interdependent, you should give away your best ever resource away to negative mindsets ?

Really ?

Even if your own future is frightening you, source of anguish, you have to recall one SIMPLE thing !


Fear doesn't exist ! Yes it doesn't ! Aaaaaaah, no....This feeling has no existence, doesn't have a physical body. 

Fear can not harm you directly. 

Fear should just stay a Warning Flashing light on your instant decision making dashboard.

Fear response

Fear causes the body to produce some distinctive chemicals that can be sensed, a phenomenon that may explain how people can smell fear and even why evidence suggests the smell of fear is contagious.

Ghosting, or the process of emptying oneself of fear, on the other hand, may have parallels with normal physiological responses.

"There's a natural process of dampening of fear," Lieff told LiveScience.

Scary situations normally activate neural circuits in brain regions that produce fear, such as the amygdala. But immediately after a person senses the threat, another circuit works to dampen that fear, Lieff said.

The sympathetic nervous system revs up the fight-or-flight response due to fear — expanding airways, slowing time as people's thoughts race and pumping blood to the extremities to bolt or fight in a moment's notice. But the parasympathetic nervous system, which is active when people are at rest, is responsible for initiating relaxation and the dreamlike state of REM sleep, Lieff said.

Now in you everyday lives, cut loose as much as you can with relentless negative people dragging you down and holding you back from your own progress curve.

If you need mentoring, on a weekly basis, i will be here for you, so you can get rid of it and accomplish what you were meant for.
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#77 U don't have to be afraid of anything David, we love your #ExploreSevilla in Andalucia, check your numbers, they are always skyrocketing on a constant basis (Quality content re: @Juan Imaz) and you do also in English for our US bees!

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#20 Agree, i don´t know why but it is right.
I´m a very shy person, always in my life i have gone through situations that caused me real fear, but when i crossed the line... Bang!! no fear.
It happened to me every time i do a LiveBuzz, when the 3-2-1 shows up on my mobile phone screen my legs shake and almost appears some tears from my eyes, but... i continue and feel good, i do it.
GREAT PRODUCER @stephan metral 🐝 Innovative Brand Ambassador such an inspiration on the hive you are

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Claire L Cardwell 15/8/2017 · #76

#74 wow that's amazing @stephan metral 🐝 Innovative Brand Ambassador! Frank Gehry's deconstructed approach to architecture and his radical designs have put a lot of his buildings on my bucket list of places to visit!

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Now the absence of fear is called ghosting


#73 That is also the fundations o architecture, lol, the leap of faith that design is everywhere....inha the chance to cross my path with Frank Gery, and work on Catia design v5 for AEC. Design or its intent knows no fear.

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Claire L Cardwell 15/8/2017 · #73

Great Article @stephan metral 🐝 Innovative Brand Ambassador! Taking that leap of faith into the unknown defines us as innovators. Scary, but it works!


Great points Stephan! Becoming aware of what is happening to you emotionally and biologically helps a lot to overcoming it. My eyes were first opened to it with Daniel Goleman's "Primal Leadership".

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Raul Duque Montánez 14/8/2017 · #71

Hi Stephan! Man would not exist without fear. Fear is necessary to keep us alive, however, we must be able to control it. I'm 100% agree with the post, and maybe I can help with this one:

* In summary *:

* Stop *: Stop what you're doing to focus the mind.

* Breathe *: Oxygenate your blood supply so that the pulsations go down and you calm down.

* Think *: Once calm, it is time to think about the situation and what step you have to follow.

* Act *: Now, you have already decided the next step, then MOVE !

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