Goodbye Social Media, Hello direct relationships!

Webtalk is the smartest way to manage your relationships

Goodbye Social Media, Hello direct relationships!

WebTalk is a social network that will be sharing 50% of their generated revenue with members. and It's time for a better social network.

Using patent-pending contact management software, Webtalk has created a new era of communication and collaboration technology enabling you to truly maintain and grow your relationships and create more success

Goodbye Social Media.

Hello Webtalk!



Your contacts are easily searchable by value, stage and keywords, and not thrown into an "all relationships are equal" bottomless bucket.

Coming Soon:

Sync your contacts with your favorite CRMs


Post any kind of news, including files, to targeted contacts. Filter your news by relationship channels, media/file attachments, and even keywords, helping you to stop spamming your contacts and wasting time trying to find the content you want to view.

Coming Soon:

Sync your news posts to your favorite social apps from Webtalk


Your media and files are conveniently stored and organized into a content management system for easy access and searchability.

Coming Soon:

Sync your content with your favorite cloud services like Dropbox


Customize the design and showcase your work experience, photos, videos and files to your contacts based on the permissions you have assigned to them.

Coming Soon:

Sync your LinkedIn and Facebook profile data, photos, videos and news


Your data is highly secured through several firewall layers, government level encryption and soon Webtalk's Connect Blockchain API that allows you to use your Webtalk account to securely login to other apps across the Internet.


Yes, Webtalk does make money from ads to be able to offer a service at no cost to you, but you will soon have the ability to pay a small monthly fee to remove ads. Additionally, when you invite your contacts to connect with you on Webtalk, we share up to 50%* of our advertising and subscription revenue with you forever as our token of appreciation for helping us grow our amazing community.

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90-Day Webtalk Beta User Stats

1M+ USERS as of October 6th

September 763,320 USERS = 615% growth mon/mon

August: 106,735 USERS = 92% growth mon/mon

July: 55,461 USERS