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How to get the CEO style in a nutshell.

What does your Personal Visual Branding tell about you?

Top Officers at major startups not only know how to get the job done, but they know how to project confidence too.

Suits or a pair of jeans? Jacket or down vest that cuts a slimming figure for an average of $495 USD in every good store?

A week at the office, has it to be Casual Friday all the way?

It depends very much on what you want to project.

How to get the CEO style in a nutshell.

How to get the CEO style in a nutshell?

Exude the confidence and power of a successful CEO by being able to choose the right attire for the occasion, pick out quality suits, and add tasteful accessories. Never underestimate the power of “dressing to impress!
Before we dive into details, rules of thumbs and suggestions here are the main tips and warnings any "startup" officer should be aware of.


    Rule # 1 - Good hygiene and a good haircut are very important to complete the look. Keep nails trimmed and facial hair neat. It’s recommended that you get your haircut about every month, depending on your hairstyle.

    Rule #2 - Take care to make sure that any outfit is cleaned, lint-rolled, and ironed, with no small issues like loose threads or buttons.


    A - Don’t wear brown shoes and belts with black suits.

    B - Don’t fasten the bottom button on your jacket closure, no matter the total number of buttons, and unbutton altogether when seated.

    C - Don’t wash suits in the washing machine, but also don’t dry clean them too often otherwise they will quickly wear out.

    Dress for your industry

    Choose more creative or conservative attire according to your industry and so as not to be out of place. An investment banker on Wall Street will have a   than a young Silicon Valley startup founder. Always err on the side of more formal attire to appear professional and in control; you can almost never go wrong with a good suit.

    To assert a CEO level of power and status no matter what the industry, a good general rule is to think about dressing to look slightly older than you are.

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    Dress at the same level or above. 

    Dress for who you’re meeting with: Match the level of formality and style that high-level executives or board members are wearing, but dress slightly above what clients or employees might wear.

    Have an array of shirts. Stick with plenty of white and light blue for an always-classic and appropriate look, but also branch out to button-downs in a range of colors to help lend variety to the same suit day to day.

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    Choose quality footwear. 

    Pick a leather Oxford or other quality leather dress shoe in the same tone or darker than your suit. Care for your dress shoes by regularly cleaning and polishing. 

    Socks should either match the color of the shoe or be a shade darker than the suit so they don’t stand out when legs are crossed.

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    Pay attention to details because your personal brand depends on it. You might not care about it, but your audience will.

    Match your belt with your shoes. 
    Pair a quality leather belt with matching color shoes and buckle that is not too showy. Ideally, the buckle’s metal will match the metal features of your watch or ring.

    Buy a reversible belt with brown and black sides to easily pair with either shoe color.

    Buy cufflinks. 
    Wear cufflinks to fasten your shirt sleeves closed and to provide a little extra ornament to your outfit. Choose ones that will complement your suit or match the color of your tie. 
    Invest in a classic leather band watch if you wish, preferably that matches the color of your belt and shoes.

    You can also add a ring to your ensemble, but any jewelry beyond that is usually too much

    Invest in a great briefcase. 

    Choose a brown or black shade of leather to match the color of shoe and belt you most often wear, and polish like you would shoes. 

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