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KnowledgeSTream TM | Number 1 world’s first knowledge network

Currnt is the world’s first knowledge network connecting professionals and companies to understand and advance the rapid market and technology trends shaping our world. The embedded KnowledgeStream™ technology is used by thought leaders and brands to connect people by their authentic passions around the globe, host curated and facilitated dialogues, and produce actionable insights that impact change.

KnowledgeSTream TM | Number 1 world’s first knowledge network


CUSTOMER OBSESSION is about being in a constant state of learning and shedding light on the ever-moving needs of your customer and the trends driving tomorrow.

You are only days away from meaningful, curated dialogue with your target market. Tech-enabled, and managed by real expert facilitators, your product and marketing teams are about to get spoiled with fresh flows of insights and content.


  • ✓ A facilitated robust engagement with the steady flow of new panelists that you approve
  • ✓ Reliable flows of insights for product teams to understand their market
  • ✓ A consistent range of thought leadership content (blogs, podcasts, reports et. al)
  • ✓ Widgets and integrations that extend the experience into your environment
  • ✓ B2B leads of panelists and followers

Public Panel | BBDO | Leading Through Disruptions.

Performed November 2018, this Theme #4 recap available for the conversation on "Leading Through Disruptions" is one of the publicly released outcomes of one of our numerous Advisory board on-demand public panel where experts gather and bring their knowledge and expertise to a sponsor: for this time BBDO. Experts receive an honorarium and the sponsors host the panel, prices may vary depending on the scale of the survey, panel, sprint...

If you want your expertise to be recognized and paid for, why don't you join  my team with The Knowledge Movement here:



Machine Learning bots initiate a custom global web search to attract scores of ideal applicants to apply to each engagement. 




Relevance is measured and rewarded by peers to ensure the best-vetted insights come to light. Domain expert facilitators are certified and rated for continual quality.




Human intelligence is aided by technology to produce impactful reports, and premium multimedia content.

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Buenos Dias
Busco empleo, soy Tecnologa en SG - SST

Pedro Contreras 5/6/2019 · #13

Hola buen dia busco trabajo operador de maquinarias ( equipos pesados en general ) disponibilidad inmediata soy de la ciudad de antofagasta  fono 995774735http://como.oper


Hola, soy técnico en refrigeración y electricidad, busco trabajo.


Busco trabajo como operador de grúas horquillas 4 años con experiencia  licencia clase Dal día experiencia bodegas 


Gracias por la informacion @stephan metral 🐝 Innovative Brand Ambassador, no he podido conectarme al inlace, volvere a intentarlo.

+1 +1
Greey Ballines 2/6/2019 · #9

Hola qué tal soy mujer de 48 años y desde hace mucho estoy en busca de un empleo,soy del sur de la CDMX x la Magdalena Contreras,si alguien sabe de alguna oportunidad se lo agradezco ya que soy MADRE soltera y ocupo solventa gastos. 
Puedo desempeñarmw en varias áreas .