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Odoo Experience | the next generation of business applications.

Odoo Experience, the main Odoo event of the year, represents the culmination of 12 months of hard work, sweat, and triumph to deliver the latest version of Odoo - the next generation of business applications.

Odoo Experience | the next generation of business applications.

Odoo's goal is to unleash every company's potential by empowering users with tools they love which means that Odoo are constantly looking for ways to provide you with the best apps, features and user experience. This brings us to the latest version of our software - Odoo 11. Fabien Pinckaers, Oddo's founder, unveiled the Odoo 11 during his keynote presentation at the Odoo Experience. The highly anticipated event was attended by a record-breaking 1200 participants plus 1000 live stream Youtube visitors!

here is a sneak peek at some of the highlights of Odoo 11:

Enhancing Performance:
Improved User Experience and Speed 

At Odoo, they strongly believe that the details are not just insignificant things that can be overlooked - they help to make our product feel more humane and provide our users with a positive experience. This degree of increased user satisfaction trumps every other factor in the release of a new version. Odoo's Usability team has spent the last 12 months working on hundreds of tasks dedicated to working on those small details which, put together, will make using Odoo smoother and more harmonious.

A New Look & Feel

With this new design, our primary goal was to delight our users with an interface which is aesthetically pleasing and facilitates ease of use. Odoo has always been known to challenge accepted industry standards, Odoo shifted the paradigm from traditional, austere ERP interfaces to a fun and attractive one. Odoo took that to a whole new level with this version. From the home page to the Kanban and form views, the chatter and even the reports, Odoo wanted every interface to be ’pixel perfect’:

  • The traditional colors of the backend have been switched to a more pure, bright and high chrome palette which is optimized to adapt to all screen sizes and devices

  • The fonts are cleaner which makes it easier to read

  • The interface has been improved in order to fit perfectly to every working environment (smartphone, laptop, and widescreen)

300% improved speed

When you work several hours a day on your Odoo database, every click matters. Odoo know that if the speed of a single click is improved by just one second, you will save a huge amount of time at the end of the month and boost your productivity and happiness at work. This is why our R&D team managed to decrease the number of SQL queries by operation in order to make Odoo 11 faster than the previous version.

The performance test Odoo ran went beyond our expectations. On average, Odoo 11 is 3 times faster than Odoo 10 - and the gap is even bigger depending on the size of the database!

A New Kanban Layout with a Useful Progress Bar

This is one of those little details that can make a huge difference, especially for sales reps and project managers. With the new progress bar on stage headers, your teams will be able to filter on the status of their activities (To Do, Done or Overdue) in just one click, allowing them to track their activities and follow up on their ongoing deals better than before. Another nice “little big detail” is the new animation updating the forecast of each stage when you drag and drop an opportunity to the next stage.

A Dedicated Mobile UI for Odoo Discuss

Chatting on the go with your colleagues is a breeze with this new user interface. The app has been redesigned for mobile users and the main buttons are now accessible within the 'thumb zone' at the bottom of the screen, allowing better IMing, livechat and overall communication from your smartphone.

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