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SCI-Fi series | The Narrow World

SCI-Fi series | The Narrow World

A giant alien creature comes to Earth. But its reasons for arriving are unknown. | Scfi-series

A giant alien creature comes to Earth. But its reasons for arriving are unknown. |

Filmmaker Brent Bonacorso tells the story of a giant alien that crashes in the Mojave Desert and takes up residence in Los Angeles. 

On June 20, 2010, astronomers detected an object traveling through our solar system. 

They thought it was a rogue comet, but it deliberately banked around Jupiter to slow down and crashed into Earth. Raymond Davis, a researcher with the Department of Homeland Security, was one of the first scientists to arrive at the scene of impact. From the crater, a giant, skyscraper-sized alien emerged. 

They called it the "Visitor." Emily Field, a clinical psychologist at the University of Southern California, explains the reaction. People fear what they don't understand and responded with aggression. So humans fired everything they had at it, which had absolutely no effect. The Visitor didn't even respond. Instead, it heads into Los Angeles and waits. Meanwhile, Colonel Gus Wilson, a Department of Defense consultant, worries the alien is extremely dangerous and a threat to humanity. Field disagrees since the Visitor is incredibly passive -- it might be lonely. T

here's also a fundamental innocence about it. In the evenings, it likes to go down to the reservoir, and in the mornings it crosses the city to watch the planes fly out of LAX. In between, it spends a lot of time at the beach, just sitting -- almost like it's biding its time and waiting for something to happen. But Wilson doesn't buy it. The peace and quiet, he says, might be ongoing convert enemy actions. Davis, meanwhile, records sounds coming from the alien. They sound like distress signals to him. But Field thinks Davis sees patterns where there isn't any. Wilson, on the other hand, believes the signals might be calls to bring friends for reinforcement. 

Davis, Field and Wilson debate the conflicting theories as the Visitor waits. 

The Narrow World examines how humanity projects its fears and beliefs on something utterly inexplicable -- and what it reveals about our true inner selves. Over the years, the residents of Los Angeles just accept it as part of the scenery.


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Jerry Fletcher Aug 10, 2020 · #5

#4 Stephan, I will check them out.


#3 Very true so i think you will apreciate my DUST posts on bebee then, share then in three hives of your choice when i feel like it

Jerry Fletcher Aug 9, 2020 · #3

Stephan, I discovered Science Fiction as a teenager. I've never lost interest but somewhere along the way Fantasy became acceptable in the genre. Granted, some of the greats crossed that line (Clarke, Heinlein, Asimov and others) so when younger authors abandoned "hard" science fiction I drifted away. BUT movies tend to be a different deal. the really good ones are based on hard science. The best in recent memory for me are "The Martian" and "Avatar" And so it goes.

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#1 I didn't know you like sci-fi Short-movies @Jerry Fletcher. How are you these days?

Jerry Fletcher Aug 7, 2020 · #1

Okay, You got my interest.

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