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#MybeBeeTV Data Analytics Services - 2017 State of Live Streaming

#MybeBeeTV Data Analytics Services - 2017 State of Live Streaming

MYBEBEETV your personal brand Live!

We all ask ourselves about #PersonalBranding , is it worth investing time & money? And when we are reading to dive in this discipline, what to consider? Which platforms & tools to choose and adopt?

MybeBeeTV is a service that propels both your #PersonalBranding  & your #BrandImage (#professionalbranding
) as far as you consider what you do professionally as a #brand, your Pro Brand.

Here is a great example of a MybeBeeTV interview with Andrew G.Steel preparing a Charity sports Roadcycling events aiming at raising funds for the PATT Foundation.

Perfectly prepared with a Powerpoint presentation, Mr Steel illustrates the adequate collaboration with Live Streaming team to showcase both his personal brand and the goal of the Event: Jogle 2018 - 1000 miles roadcycling across the United Kingdom during this July 2018.

Live streaming is one of the most popular tools used these days by #profession that consciously or not, build their personal branding and for some #marketers#experts manage and grow their Brand(s) Image(s).

Let’s take the 1st question our group members ask themselves for Live streaming shows, Facebook Live, YouTube Streaming, Live Buzz From or Periscope?

  • Which to choose?
  • Is it worth to build a mix-strategy?
  • What factors are to "be bee" considered?

2017 State of Live Streaming

Depending on your worldwide location and the momentum, top three leaders share the world.

Google Trends can answer a few questions,but in the end, you will be the one crafting your strategy and implement it on your own or with the help of a team.

Facebook Live | YouTube Live | Periscope

Another great feature to consider is the monitoring of your created pages with the Facebook section called “Insights”, you can compare your evolving #popularity and #socialmedia #usersengagement and monitor your competitors, or the brand's pages you are inspired by and want to engage with the same audience to build yours.

You can monitor and compare your evolution week after weeks to the best in class topics/page you are inspired by, volume, proportion, and headcounts of interactions.

Engaging with appropriate #socialmedia #Users or #Influencers depends on how you map your #socialmedia relationships and #handles, such as your #Twitter.

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