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#MybeBeeTV: Official Broadcaster of Conservation Community Project

beBee is a great incubator for international partnership through #AffinityNetworking.

There’s an old English saying ‘we can’t see the wood for the trees’ and in today’s modern environment this is so true.
Trees or more importantly the significance and importance of them in our Ecosystem is often overlooked. We are ignoring the vital importance of this element in our lives and often taking the humble tree for granted. To many people the simple tree doesn’t appear to enrich our lives much other than being aesthetically pleasing; unless that is you understand that its most basic and import function is to remove carbon dioxide and give us our much loved ‘oxygen’ without which we cannot survive on this planet. Not only us but the countless other species that inhabit this planet with us.

A Tree literally gives us life especially when it sits in a forest. The forest apart from giving us oxygen connects us in some many different ways. It allows wildlife and biodiversity to survive as well as providing economic benefits for the communities around it. They say that many of the cures for some our worlds illnesses can be found in the forest, yet we are still allowing those forests and the ecosystems they sit in to be destroyed.

In order to raise awareness, The PATT Foundation UK Ltd (Plant a tree today) will initiate concepts from multimedia broadcasting to Social Selling with MybeBeeTV.

#MybeBeeTV: Official Broadcaster of Conservation Community Project

Conservation Community has been established to: 

  • Provide much needed financial assistance to conservation projects 
  • Ensure that projects can be accomplished removing the worry about where the funding will come from 
  • Educate the public on the various projects that are striving so hard to protect our planet 

Their top 3 features 

  • Connect like-minded people on one single platform 
  • Provide a fundraising platform that allows the community itself to get directly involved in each project, allowing people from remote locations to interact and support the cause that is dear to their hearts 
  • Support project developers in attaining their goals

Here is an example of Weekly Updates with MybeBeeTV
on the Conservation Community dedicated WebTV channel

Andy Steel, Founder of the PATT Foundation and team leader of The Conservation Community initiative.

My beBeeTV  will be with Conservation Community every Tuesday 9h30 PM EST
Best way to attend the Live Shows is to register to Facebook Events page here

MybeBeeTV: Official Broadcaster of Conservation Community Project.
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