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#MybeBeeTV: Official Broadcaster of Conservation Community Project

#MybeBeeTV: Official Broadcaster of Conservation Community Project

Conservation Community has been established to: 

  • Provide much needed financial assistance to conservation projects 
  • Ensure that projects can be accomplished removing the worry about where the funding will come from 
  • Educate the public on the various projects that are striving so hard to protect our planet 

Their top 3 features 

  • Connect like-minded people on one single platform 
  • Provide a fundraising platform that allows the community itself to get directly involved in each project, allowing people from remote locations to interact and support the cause that is dear to their hearts 
  • Support project developers in attaining their goals

Here is an example of Weekly Updates with MybeBeeTV on the Conservation Community dedicated WebTV channel
Andy Steel, Founder of the PATT Foundation and team leader of The Conservation Community initiative.

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