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The Collaborative Platform For Professionals | beBee 2020 | free social network

The Collaborative Platform For Professionals  | beBee 2020 | free social network
The Collaborative Platform For Professionals 

beBee is a free social network that helps you connect with people that share your interests and network based on affinity. It is the social network that brings personal and professional together. 
By joining hives* ( *Affinity groups ) you can meet others who share your interests or work in your field. 

Their innovative approach to networking facilitates a vibrant job placement and hiring environment for both individuals and organizations. They help build significant professional relationships, provide the ideal platform for sharing ideas and content, and create economic opportunity for everyone. 

Use beBee to grow your network and build a wall that exclusively shows content that interests you. 
Javier camara Rica , CEO, BeBee

What can I do on the social network beBee? 

Connect with what you like Create or join hives of your interest and meet people from over 100 countries that share your hobbies and skills. 

Get a personalized wall Can you imagine a wall where you only see content that interests you? beBee Affinity Rank has made this possible. You can unfollow users as well as hide, reclassify, silence and report any type of content. 

Share content with like-minded people A buzz**, a job ad or even a story. You can share all the content you want in up to three topic-related hives at once, reaching people who are genuinely interested in what you have to say. 

Create your own blog Producer, beBee’s on-site publishing tool provides users with the perfect tool to write their stories and share them with thousands. It’s like having your own blog with no design and development worries! (Produce Honey = publish a Post*)

Find your next job Thousands of job offers in every field, all around the world are waiting for you. Apply to as many positions as you want, whenever you want. 

Hire or be hired If you need a tradesman, a babysitter, someone to fix your computer or a person to design your web page, beBee is also the place to be.

Wondering how and why you should use beBee to post a job offer? Posting a job is very simple and has many advantages. Find out all about it right here.

First of all check out this infographic with all the reasons and advantages of posting your job offers on beBee! And don’t miss out on how to do it below. Once they’re published you will be able to change the ad as well as sharing it in different hives and on the rest of social networks, like Facebook, Google+ or Twitter among others.

Whenever you need assistance, help, or mentoring both as an individual or an organization, please feel free to reach out to me or write a note at, I am Stephane J. Metral, innovative Brand Ambassador with beBee, I speak both French, Spanish and English.