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Contest Idea:

Contest Idea:

A guest decision to choose a hotel more than another is influenced by several different factors. Location, amenities, price, F&B offering, online reviews, etc.

Almost anything that composes the hotel customer experience is part of the purchasing decision process. But one factor remains untouched today: other guests! Why couldn’t you choose the guests you will share your experience with?

Today, if you don’t like the type of guests of a hotel, find them loud, boring or overwhelming, you have only one solution: Break your bank account and book the entire hotel or switch hotel.

In the future, we should be able to choose who we spend our vacations with and that is exactly what is set off to do.

Here is how it would work:

1. Choose your location, time period and level of luxury (Basically the price)

2. Select your desired level of Sociability (From Robinson Crusoe to über-Extravert)

3. Select the level of lookalike you are looking for (Inspired by the Facebook Ad lookalike audience functionality)

4. Receive from the virtual agent a list of suitable guests who are looking at the same location / time periods based on your social media profile and above selection

5. Review anonymously the guest profiles: Read rating from other guests and hotel owners from past stays (Inspired by the Airbnb guest rating), and swipe/like to confirm your preferences (Inspired by the Tinder app)

6. Finalize your booking among the hotel options proposed by based on your preferences and the match level:

  • It’s a perfect match! Don’t miss out! - offers you a rebate on your stay
  • So-So… You got a good match! - offers you to book the room of your choice
  • There is no match here! Still want to join? - offers you’re the possibility to bid for unallocated rooms

Of course you would still have the “Surprise me” option where would make the best selection for your future stay and all you would need to do is pack your suitcase and enjoy...

Author: Charlotte Aymonier