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How Luxury Hotels Should Connect To Their Customers

How Luxury Hotels Should Connect To Their Customers

In travelers' world, the expectations are changing from the luxury room to high standard services, developed lifestyles and unique experiences. For managers, this means that more attention must be paid to feed guests' relationship, while excelling across the board.

The traditional concept of luxury was one all staff were trained to master: refined things and excellent service. These should still be a part of the luxury hotel experience, but nowadays employees must understand the concept of luxury is moving on.

Customers expect a luxury property to respond to their personal unique needs. This may be as simple as pre-arranging laundry service for a business traveler. Or as complex as curating a multi-day heli-skiing trip for a guest who loves skiing, mountains, and local foods.

You must understand how you can enrich the customer stay or experience through personalized service. When a guest asks you to recommend help-skiing trip, what extra touches can you provide to transform a day's excursion into the experience of a lifetime?

In these examples, we see how employees will increasingly have to interact with guests on a higher level. The challenge is anticipating what guests may want based on what is known about them, while being able to provide a unique experience on demand.

How Luxury Hotels Should Connect To Their Customers

Hotel staff can leverage existing relationships and even acquire new relationships. The trend is to see brands entering partnership with properties or chains for common benefits. Incorporating brands answering to your guests' interests will definitely position you as an expert on those trends. Luxury retail brands can also use the concept of unique, personalized service to stay relevant. Audemars Piguet is the perfect example of a luxury brand doing this properly. When you buy an AP watch, you become a part of their circle, their community. You can be invit