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Market your business through sponsorship

Market your business through sponsorship

What is sponsorship?

Sponsorship is a marketing and communication operation (often linked to an event).

A contract is signed between:

  • A sponsor: a person or a company
  • The sponsored: another person (an athlete or an artist very often), a sports club, an event (sporting or cultural), a venue (museum, stadium or hall)

The sponsor is committed to:

  • To pay money to the sponsored
  • Provide him goods
  • Perform certain services

Sponsorship goals

Sponsorship aims to ensure the promotion of a brand (exposure), product or service. It is used by companies in three main situations.

Increase awareness

The most common sponsoring a sports club. For example, you are a car dealer and you want to enhance your reputation in your town or in your area. You can become the main or secondary sponsor of the local football team. The players will wear a shirt with your logo. It will also be displayed around the stadium. All spectators necessarily see your brand every time they attend a game. Your logo will also appear on photos taken by journalists and shown in the local press.

Improve your image, pass a message