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My relationship with beBee

Holding a Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management, I have worked as Head of Sponsoring & Events in a large Swiss bank and a leading watch manufacturer. I have worked for a famous music festival and an event production agency. Recently, I founded my company in marketing consulting focused on Sponsoring & Events, and co-founded a classic car concours d'elegance with an international scope. I am currently working on launching two new companies.

My relationship with beBee


It's been a few months since I joined beBee on a school mate's invitation. I must admit I was sceptic at first : a social network based on affinity? A Spanish social media? Hmmmm...

My relationship with beBee

My friend shared on beBee an article I wrote on LinkedIn. After a few days he sent me the scope report. Unbelievable, my article had been seen by over a hundred people and judged as relevant by a dozen, while on LI, the score was much lower. Hmmmm...

My curiosity is teased. How can a young social network with relatively few subscribers, mostly Hispanic, give more visibility than the leader LinkedIn? Not to mention Facebook, where the majority of people just "like" without reading the articles...

I decide to sign up for beBee. I check it out from time to time. I write a little, I share a few things, I become more and more interested. I create "hives"(groups), but mostly, I subscribe to many hives. I am curious...

Time passes and I get involved each time more as my professional life provides me with content. My articles are seen, read and commented on. I share them on other social networks, what drains more traffic on beBee.

My relationship with beBee

beBee ambassador

One day, I receive an invitation to register for the ambassador program. What is it ? I go quickly over the information and sign up. In parallel, I publish, comment, share more and more.

After a few months, I have the honor of being named beBee brand ambassador among other people. It is only then that I become truly interested in the program. I notice that there are advantages, but also constraints: I have to publish, publish, publish, despite my professional agenda becomes heavier.

On the other hand, I am now part of a group of people who have a common goal: promoting beBee. To this end, everyone contributes in his own way: some provide advices, others propose interesting articles to share, others structure and manage the group. All contribute!

I must say it is like being part of a family. And I appreciate the involvement of everyone and particularly of founders and managers.

My relationship with beBee


Appart from visibility, beBee has proved to be a strong tool to expand my network. Not only in its own environment, but also on LI and Twitter.

My learning

By registering in about 50 common interest groups, I quickly got flooded with information, as beBee does not select the content seen by Bees (users). I have now been obliged to leave quite a few hives.

My relationship with beBee

My advice to newcomers: choose carefully your hives and limit their number. Otherwise, it becomes very difficult to track and follow all the interesting content. Set your interest priorities.


As a non-professional content producer, I have to impose myself discipline and free time to devote to content.

I must say I fear a bit that beBee becomes a blogger platform or is perceived as such. It could slowdown its growth.

At the end of the day, beBee must remain an affinity network.

Like all platforms, beBee attracts all types of undesired accounts such as spammers, scammers or any other fraud (see a previous article

beBee takes it seriously. They have been very efficient by taking action and providing a quick feedback every time I have reported a suspicious account. This is an excellent way to create a feeling of confidence and build loyalty.

My relationship with beBee


Today, I see the scope of beBee, I see the effort committed by the founders and the management to promote and improve this fantastic tool.

I am confident: beBee is THE social network that allows us to access all the content of our interest.

Thank you to the entire beBee team, beBee founders and beBee brand ambassadors!

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Stephane 🐝 Fenner 28/11/2016 · #28

#27 Thank you @Antoine Prager for inviting me to join beBee and for insisting.
I am trying hard to attract hoteliers on OUR affinity network.

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Antoine 🐝 Prager 28/11/2016 · #27

Bravo @Stephane Fenner! I am very happy you gave a chance to bebee, and you surely deserve you ambassadors seat, you generate great value, and you are really appreciated value generator, I enjoy reading your 🍯 . I am convinced that bebee can bring great value to our sector Hospitality, looking forward to the new release of bebee!!!

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Stephane 🐝 Fenner 28/11/2016 · #26

@all bees
Interesting enough - after 4 days
beBee: article seen around 4k times, with 75 interactions, shared 8 times, 5 new followers
LinkedIn: article seen ? times, with 2 interactions, 0 shares, 0 new followers
Facebook: article seen ? times, with 3 likes, 0 share, 0 new followers
Twitter: article seen 688 times, with 5 likes, 5 retweets, 4 new followers (questionnable quality)

I won't make any conclusion, but I know where the visibility is higher...

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Lisa Gallagher 28/11/2016 · #24

#22 I agree, Hilton is good to their customers! I actually use Marriott hotels more, my points go further and seem to accumulate faster. I wondered the same, if action was taken against this manager? She was highly unprofessional.

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Stephane 🐝 Fenner 28/11/2016 · #23

#21 Thank you Andrew. This is definitely the right place to rapidly grow your network. The founders' and management team's attitude and philosophy encourage it!

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Stephane 🐝 Fenner 28/11/2016 · #22

#20 Hi Lisa, thank you for the update. It is a shame the hotel management never went back to you. Hopefully, headquarters will take action against such an unprofessional manager. I am glad you were treated properly by Hilton. It seems the do care about customers. Cheers

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Andrew 🐝 Goldman 27/11/2016 · #21

beBee is a family club. I'm glad to be a part of it. Thanks for a great post @Stephane Fenner It is awesome to know you and other great people here at beBee!

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Lisa Gallagher 26/11/2016 · #20

I'm glad we met on beBee @Stephane Fenner. You have offered valuable advice to me about the Hospitality Industry. Which, I'd love to share with you- The hotel management never followed through with me. I contacted someone higher up at Hilton Headquarters and they not only awarded all of my points back, they also gave me 3500K extra points and sent me a free night certificate to any Hampton Inn within the US. Nice buzz! Sharing!

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