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Simple Things To Increase Your Efficiency And Energy

Simple Things To Increase Your Efficiency And Energy

Here is a short list of 'tricks' which are part of my daily routine and have shown to be very helpful. Do not hesitate to comment and share your own 'tricks' in comments.

Focus on one thing

Identify your main goal, then the most impactful task to reach it. Start your day by developing it. This is your priority.

Replace your to-do list

Schedule your priorities and tasks in you agenda, and put away your to-do list. Studies show that only 41% of tasks on lists get done. The undone items lead to stress. Uncompleted tasks will remain in your mind (Zeigarnik effect).

Focus on minutes 

You know you have 1 440 minutes a day. You cannot afford to loose time; you cannot reclaim time spent. So, stop using hour or half-hour blocks. 

Avoid meetings

How many times have you attended a meeting with the wrong people in it? How many times did you get bored after a while, have you thought the meeting could have been much shorter? How many times did you think people where not fully aware of, or comfortable with the main topic?

Meetings are time killers! We should be able to get out of meetings whenever we can and hold fewer of them. If you have to run a meeting, keep it short and to the point.

Start saying "No"

Don't loose your time on things you regret having said 'yes' to. Don’t give away your time.

Warren Buffet said: “The difference between successful people and very successful people is that very successful people say ‘no’ to almost everything.”

Process e-mails wisely

Stop “checking” your e-mail all daylong. Turn off your phone vibration and notifications; don't allow being distracted by them.

Schedule time to process your messages once to three times a day. You will see you are much more efficient.


Don’t skip meals, sleep, or breaks in the pursuit of more. Consider food as fuel, sleep as recovery, and breaks as opportunities to recharge.

For many people, it is not so easy to stick to these 'rules'.
Start with one or two. When you feel comfortable amend one more. And one more, etc.
After a while, you will notice you feel less frustrated by the end of the day and your energy is higher.

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#11 Today, I would say OUI !!!

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#9 La culture de la peur... Personne ne pensait à répondre cela.

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#8 Quelle culture... quelle horreur! Et si vous les disez que vous ne feriez plus?

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#5 Super! Thank you for your input, @Jared Wiese.
For over a year, I have pull my emails on my phone. It also helps in meetings, and even on short breaks.
You know having worked in a company where I would receive an email at 10:00 on a Sunday morning and be called at 11:00 for not having replied yet, creates bad habits.

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Sharing in The Miracle Morning hive

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Sharing in Attitude

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#4 I know how e-mails can be. I have started using Google's Inbox app. It is better than the normal Gmail, as it groups emails together, like SOCIAL, UPDATES, FINANCES, PURCHASES. That reduces the clutter a bit.

But, to your point, if there is an email you are waiting on could be hard! Bit of advice I just read: turn off all notifications (including vibrations) on smartphones. Stop the incessant "push". Then, to your rule, schedule 2-3 times a day when you go PULL e-mails and have minutes scheduled after to process them. People will understand if you don't reply ASAP!

Respond instead of react: "Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom." Viktor E. Frankl

Stephen R. Covey used this as the basis for the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People:

Bonne chance!

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